Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Needle Me

I am not one to do things half-way. My friends know this about me. Last week during Knit Club, I fell in love with the warmth and lightness of being that is the birch, maple, and bamboo needle. I had to acquire said hooks and needles.

Since my more experienced Knit Club pals informed me that Brittany Birch and Crystal Palace are the pinnacle of needle-dom, I went of search of the best deals and widest variety of sizes available. Yarnmarket did not disappoint. They have the entire Crystal Palace line, so I kept on clicking until I had size 7 and size 9 straight needles, along with a size L crochet hook. Along the way, I saw some beauties I'd not heard of before: Lantern Moon, handmade in Vietnam. I got those in rosewood, size 17.

So HAPPY! They arrived yesterday, all smooth and polished. I kept running my fingers over the surface of the needles and imagining the beautiful clothing that, in time, would emerge from rubbing two sticks together.

New needles and huge stash. It's magic time!


Blogger spazgirl said...

Wow, those Lantern Moons look gorgeous. I hope you'll bring them to Knit Club! (The second rule of Knit Club: Bring your tools and projects and yarn so the rest of Knit Club can see.)

3/02/2005 04:34:00 PM  

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