Sunday, June 05, 2005

Flying Fingers

Yes, I actually have been working on stuff - baby stuff. Now it's time to show a few more items.

First, there's this baby kimono (one of two) for a set of twins on the way. Thanks to the Summer '05 Interweave Knits, I found the pattern I was looking for:

Next up is version two of a set that is long overdue. The original sweater was done in blue and white cotton stripes using a pattern from the Peter Pan Collection Number 1. It was partially ripped out twice and never really finished, so I gave up on it. Until this weekend, that is. I dove into the mighty stash and came out with some Rowan All-Seasons for the body and Stampato Extra Fine Merino for the trim on the jacket and super-cute ear flap hat. I think mom and baby will like it as much as I do:


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