Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Now and Later

Back, Mom's Marika sweaterFirst, I thought I'd post a quick pictorial update to my Mom's birthday (hopefully!) sweater. Remember Marika and the twisting Jaeger ribbon yarn? I managed to move past that to a nearly completed back. Try as I might to keep the stitches even, it just isn't happening with the 100% cotton ribbon. Mom doesn't care, though. When I showed her my progress today, all she saw was the open work of the trellis yarn on the yoke. According to her, "It looks like jewels!"

Silk Cardi BluesAnd "Later"? Of course I can't say how much later, but this little sweater may be in the future of some Tussah silk won off eBay and a beautiful, deep tweedy blue Estelle silk. I was thinking "pullover," but I love the versatile cardigan. I am, however, not looking forward to knitting with silk as it has no give. Any tips on working with the strong, yet inflexible fiber? I'm thinking it's going to pose the same challenge as the cotton. There is an upside. At least it's plied.


Blogger Lyndsey said...

That sweater for your mom is gorgeous, as is the yarn you won. Love your blog!

7/28/2005 08:00:00 PM  

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