Saturday, August 06, 2005

Almost There

It has been one busy week of knitting. OK, some minor purchases too.

I stayed up late last night and arose early this morning to finish the spruce colored shrug. Been working on it all day and it's pinned to the blocking board as I blog. I even made little rosettes for the front, just so I'd know bottom from top. With all the knit blogs I read, I noted that the tube shrug has issues with right side up. Promise to provide pictures tomorrow once I stitch up the sleeves and sew on the flowers. Squishy Judy (my dressmaker's dummy) should look loverly!

The other headline? I bought some stuff, but not what you think. This time, it was the mention of some fine, rare needles that sent me on the hunt: Holz & Stein aka Noble Needles. So scouring the globe (alright, the Internet), I found two pair - one in ebony and the other in rosewood. Can't wait for these lovelies to arrive. From what I read about them, knitting with these well-crafted needles is like playing a fine violin, though I suppose the quality of the result is heavily dependent on the skill of the wielder.

Fab needles = fab knits? I still believe in magic.


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