Sunday, December 04, 2005

Elizabethan Collar

Elizabeth CollarI came across this on Kate Gilbert's site and found it so enchanting that I purchased the pattern straight away.

Specs: 200 yards of double stranded Brooks Farm Primero Kid Mohair, 5 blue-tinged buttons from The Button Drawer, 1 day of knitting time.

Besides, I needed something quick and in a hurry because my grand plan for the WrapStyle Secret Santa gift just wasn't coming together. Not enough time and 5 feet of wide, boring ribbing. It'll get finished someday -- just not this day!

On the site enhancement front, I've pulled together a Finished Item gallery of sorts. Looking back through this year's pictures made me realize just how much stuff I've made, so, for the time being, I'll stop flogging myself over the nagging guilt of "startitis".

For a minute or two perhaps. There are other projects looming.


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