Verdant Tootsies!

Knotty Bits Green Sock KALThis is my kind of knit-along.

No sign-up sheet + No deadlines + No specific pattern = No pressure. It’s the Green Sock Knit Along, oh-so-casually cobbled together by Cynic the Lamb over at Knotty Bits.

I was so inspired Thursday night that I did a little stash diving and came up with Socks That Rock Heavyweight in the ‘Falcon’s Eye’ colorway. The pattern for my first Green Socks is an adaptation of Katherine Matthews ‘Ribble Socks’ from the book, “Socks, Socks, Socks.”

Despite appearing to be nearly solid, this yarn actually knits up with a greater than expected amount of variegation in the green and cream. Though this turned out to be more of a striped effect, I still think the choice to do a small cable twist texture was the right one. What do you think?

Ribbles Green Sock
The next green socks from stashland will be crafted from a couple of skeins of ‘Fern’ Louet Gems, marinating in their original shipment package since early 2006.

By the way, remember the tweed jacket I was so taken with? I swatched my top picks and determined that the green Rowanspun resulted in the best fabric for this project. Although I’m flush with the stuff, I just couldn’t get Classic Elite Skye Tweed in the ‘Rosey Glow’ colorway off of my mind, so I decided to go with it. Naturally, The Button Drawer had the perfect deep pink buttons with scribbly black accents.

I’ll get going on this one in due time. Right now, I’ve a couple of socks crying out for mates, a funky new jacket design I’m trying to map out and some knitting software begging for a demo. All part of the plan to enable the muse in 2007.

11 comments to Verdant Tootsies!

  • KB,

    as usual you have found something wonderful to turn me on yet again. The button drawer is a revelation, and your buttons are fantastic. It’s just the source for buttons for my mom’s sweater that I’ve been meaning to seam up for decades.
    I made my first bobbles on your bobble blue scarf!! (Left out most of them as the scarf was for a man) Thanks for the lovely pattern, it’s a cinch to follow.

  • I don’t do pink, but those buttons look fabulous on that yarn. The socks are even better: I think the cable rib adds interest without in any way detracting from the beauty of the yarn.

  • Gorgeous yarn and equally gorgeous buttons! Can’t wait to see that tweedy jacekt in process. It’s going to be smashing 🙂

  • The cable twist in the green socks is great — and I love the varigation in the yarn!

  • You make me want to knit green socks! I have only one green sock yarn in my stash…I may need to rectify that! Your buttons are beautiful with that yarn!

  • The jacket will look great in that yarn, and the buttons are perfect!

  • Those buttons are fabulous! I love your green sock too. The texture is just right.

  • I think that the sock look good with the striping effect because it is still subtle enough that it doesn’t obscure the cables. I need to finish up a couple projects so that I can cast on for my green socks.

  • You have fern in your stash too?? Between the two of us, we could corner the market I think…so much for next year’s Hedera’s 🙂

    Love the new socks and the rosy glow is perfection!

  • you couldn’t go wrong with that green Rowanspun, but i see why you were taken with the Skye Tweed in Rosey Glow. the buttons really pop — will there be a little black trim some where in your jacket?

  • Those buttons are perfect! Good luck with your green socks.