Green Chic

Green sock yarnI do love my greens – both the kind you eat and the kind you knit with. In the spirit of the Green Sock KAL, I decided to do a little more stash spelunking in search of said sock yarn greens. The results?

* A deep forest blue-tinged green from Fearless Fibers
* A melange of sprightly green moss from Yarn All Over
* Louet Gems Willow (Fern’s brighter cousin)

Since I’ve got 2 skeins of the Yarn All Over, I’m really thinking of knitting up my first pair of knee socks. Any suggestions on a pattern suitable for stout calves? I know I’m in for some shaping madness, but beyond that, I’m open.

Ribby PulliNow the “Chic” part of today’s entry comes direct from Bonne Marie’s ChicKnits catalog. ChicKnits now offers hard copy versions of some of her most popular patterns. Now, the one I chose is a new take on an old fave: The Ribby Pulli.

Bonne Marie worked with Scout to develop some custom colorways for the model sweater. Beautiful, but too spendy for me as I’m fairly dedicated to shopping in my home-based yarn store. I found 5 skeins of Lorna’s Laces worsted in the Ice House colorway and paired it with Web’s house brand Valley Yarns Amherst for the swatch you see here.

I’m going to do the long-sleeve version, though the pattern includes short-sleeve and hoodie versions as well. Love the blues and greens of my new-found yarns. Even knitting up the swatch made me happy in the dead of winter!

9 comments to Green Chic

  • Wow–the two yarns blend perfectly in that swatch! I hope the Amherst is just as dreamy as Lorna’s worsted; I dream of having a sweater out of that!

  • I love my greens as well. I’ve already knitted up my Fearless Fibers Deep Forest. I can’t wait to see what you do with yours!

  • I jut finished a pair of Socks That Rock knee highs and love them. I used an awesome pattern by The shaping is just fabulous–practically inch by inch, so it can accomodat your shapely legs. There’s alot of math, but it’s worth it. I had a measuring issue on mine so I will be a little more conservative next time and pull my tape measure a little tighter around my leg. Come sneak a peek at them…

  • Theresa is doing a knee sock tute but I suppose you could simply ask her since you hang together 🙂

    I adore that green yarn especially the Two Loops – she’s so talented!

    I love love love the Ribby Puli to be…great colors!

    I’m so proud of your committment hunny :::hangs head in shame:::

    You know she sent me a sample of the Paint Box (the one you liked) a it’s just as pretty as the Koi 🙂

  • Love the blue and the green together. That will make a really beautiful Chic Knits creation 🙂

  • Nona has been knitting a pair of knee socks lately and has been blogging about her design as she goes along. You should check it out — I think something similar would look good in that green Yarn All Over.

  • Beautiful, Karen. I have been attracted to the Ribbi Pulli with all of the new pub, but its been 17 years since I kit a sweater for myself. No stash yarn to pull from, I am tempted, very tempted to do the scout version, but I like your colorways almost as much.

  • That swatch looks very promising: I think it’s much more wearable than the abrupt change on the illustrated version. And it will look lovely with the moss green socks 🙂

    If you like your greens with added blue, have a look at
    ‘Forever Green’. Although that image doesn’t do it justice: I have a socks-worth in my hands now and the colour is much more saturated. Deep greens and blues blending together.

  • January is definitely the time to bust out the bright colors! Can’t wait to see your progress on the sweater.