Operation: Organization!

When we last met, our heroine was on the hunt for the perfect box. One neither too large or too small. One with sufficient adaptability to meet her burgeoning button and closure storage needs. Lo and behold, it was an old friend that came to her rescue: ArtBin!

As a teenager, ArtBin held her nibs, quills and ink; cradled her acrylics and brushes, and provided the perfect place for the other miscellaneous tools of her nascent artist’s trade. In adulthood, her next ArtBin became permanent home to a fantastically organized tool box – one she still proudly holds dear today.

Now, Karen would like to introduce the latest member of this plastic storage family, Super Satchel Slim, replete with buttons of many colors and descriptions:

On sale at only $9.95, this kind of happiness did come cheaply!

7 comments to Operation: Organization!

  • What a beautiful collection of buttons you have and now the perfect place to store them. Sew pretty!

  • I absolutely love storage boxes, and the way the look when they are filled. Happy organizing and knitting!

  • What a pretty picture! It’s so nice when things are both useful and photogenic.

  • Ah, containers. For some reason I believe that if I just had the right containers, the mess would magically tidy itself into them. OK, I might have to supervise, but still. It never happens, but clearly that’s because I haven’t found the right containers yet. I love the array of buttons — have you seen the (incredibly expensive) beauties at http://nicholsbuttons.co.uk ?

  • Ahhh the joy of finding the perfect container!

  • I’m so glad you found the right receptacle for your precious buttons. Finding the perfect storage solution is often a quest of epic proportions and you got it for a steal! Hurrah!

  • Glad you found something that works! My buttons are in a paper bag right now. 🙁 Have you been to Tender Buttons on Rush or Soutache on Damen? I’ve been to Soutache a couple times, but TB is never open when I’m there. But maybe this week they will be. Oh yeah, that’s right! Guess who has not one, but TWO interviews later this week!! Will you be around Thursday or Friday to knit?