Friday, February 09, 2007

The Thrill of Discovery

Today began as any other: feed the boys, put on a pot of coffee, fix some maple and brown sugar oatmeal, pour some juice to gulp down the morning meds. I had no expectation that I would find something delightfully soft, colorful and home grown.

Despite instructions to the contrary, I took a walk along the patchy snow-littered streets. Alone and unaided by steadying hands, I made my way to a brand new yarn store whose existence I'd just learned of this morning. It turns out that I am acquainted with the woman who owns this sweet shop mere minutes away from my home. Nice corner space, tastefully decorated with a selection of the usual high-end suspects: Noro, Debbie Bliss, Claudia Handpaint, Blue Heron.

What pleased me the most was the unexpected handpainted yarn from a Chicago-area company called Dream In Color. I left the store with 3 skeins of their yarn: 2 100% Australian merino worsted weight skeins of Lipstick Lava (# 270) and 1 very generous skein of merino sock yarn in the Wisterious (#240) colorway.

I couldn't wait to get my needles into it. As soon as I got home, I got my swatch on with the worsted (yes, I know my cable is crossed the wrong way, but I don't care):

Dream in Color Yarn - lipstick lavaSubtle color blending of the reds, orange, deep pink and the occasional dot of purple. Nice twist with no splitting of the yarn. Good stitch definition. Big bonus? I found none of the splotching, pooling or striping that can sometimes be problematic with handpainted yarn. This is bad because I need more yarn like...well, you know.

My recommendation? Get your hands on some at your LYS. You won't regret it.

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Blogger Debi said...

Beautiful sproingy yarn but I can't believe you went out to get it!! I also can't believe you have an LYS in waqlking distance! I would be in SERIOUS trouble!!

2/09/2007 04:56:00 PM  
Blogger Amy Artisan said...

What a lovely project with the Dream in Color yarn - I really enjoyed working with it & plan to use it again.

I've seen lots of mentions about that new shop - I'll need to check it out. :)

BTW - the crochet is indeed going well - it has been a fun learning experience.

2/09/2007 05:25:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooooooooh! Nice yarn AND sooooo close to you. If I had wrote this post the bottom wd. have an addendum - went back and got more...I love maple and brown sugar oatmeal - gives me lotsa energy to knit :) Ok enabling by K again! Terry

2/09/2007 06:56:00 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Love the color, and the hat in the free pattern. I am BEYOND JEALOUS THAT YOU HAVE A YARN STORE WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE FROM YOUR HOME!!! I am also glad for you too. There is a townhouse next to my LYS, and it is only $419,000 - really, that is the price. Strangely enough I am not packing... Happy knitting, and love the yarn you recommended.

2/09/2007 07:13:00 PM  
Blogger Christy said...

Beautiful yarn. I am lucky enough tohave a yarn shop that open within walking distance of my house a little under 2 yrs ago. It is definitely a nice perk to have.

2/09/2007 07:28:00 PM  
Blogger KniTdds said...

Okay, you have just suckered me into going to that store. There's no option now, I simply MUST go!!

Wow. and I love the way the pink coif turned out in that yarn.

Looking good.

Once my boards are done, hopefully i'll see you at the SNB!


2/15/2007 05:50:00 PM  

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