Swatch Out!

Walker swatch trioJust recently, I came across a community-based project to enhance the usefulness of one of the major tools in the knitter’s arsenal: Barbara G. Walker’s Treasury of Knitting Patterns (books 1-4).

As you probably know, the swatches in these invaluable books are shown in black and white. The goal of The Walker Treasury project is to show them larger, more detailed and in color. This is a huge undertaking since there are over 5,000 patterns documented in Walker’s books. That’s why I decided to make some small contribution to the effort with the three swatches shown above (top to bottom): Embossed Moss Stitch Ribbing, Puff Rib, Waterfall Pattern.

Check out the Flickr group or sign up to knit your own piece of the Walker Treasury.

5 comments to Swatch Out!

  • Ann

    Wow! Those are such beautiful swatches! Very inspiring. The colors are so lovely together. Way to contribute to that project. I really need to cook up some swatches myself.

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful idea!! Taking something old – but great and turning into something for today w. the perfect 2007 twist to it. Thanks for giving us the push to contribute. Now I have to pick my brain – I sometimes have to think how and what yarns do make patterns stand out more than others. Terry

  • Beautiful swatches! I just made sock in the waterfall pattern.

  • Hi–I linked to your site off of the Walker Treasury Project site. Your swatches are so nice! I love the Walker Treasury blog, too. I’m thinking about submitting a swatch myself. What fun!

  • I just came across that site recently as well. I think it’s a really lovely idea and your swatches are lovely as well.