The Gift Train Keeps On Rolling

Holly's mittsThe work-in-progress spot on my knitting settee has begun to function more like a LIFO accounting system: last in, first out!

After finishing the last birthday gift, I realized there was no time to go back to my Sock Hop socks because of another impending birthday – this time for my physical therapist, Holly.

For the past 4 months, Holly has kneaded, messaged and (at times) cajoled my muscles and nerves into working like they’re supposed to. If not for her, I wouldn’t be knitting now. That is why I thought it fitting to make something that would warm the hands of my PT angel!


Less than 1.5 balls of Rowan Wool Cotton in shade 941 (Clear)
Addi size 3 US, 2-circular method
Pattern, “April May” courtesy of Cider Moon

Modifications? None, with the exception of the length. Mine are about 1.5 inches shorter.

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