And We’re Off!

sockapalooza 4 buttonIt’s mind-boggling! One-thousand-six participants in 26 countries signed up for this global sock knitting event. Through the magicks of the internets, we will connect in a very personal way with the feet of people we’ll likely never meet. That is the beauty of Sockapalooza.

Now in its fourth year, Sockapalooza is the brainchild of Alison (The Blue Blog) Hansel. When you sign up, you give your particulars of foot measurement and fiber / color preferences, if any. Next, participants are matched up such that you knit socks for your sock pal and, in turn, someone knits socks for you. The catch is that you must not reveal your identity to your sock match until the finished goods are mailed out in August.

So yes, there’s someone (who shall temporarily remain Anonymous) who is doing a bit of blog stalking. And, you guessed it, I’m stalking my recipient’s blog as well for clues about their likes and dislikes. By the way, my dear sock knitter Anonymous, you have my permission to take my ‘sky’s the limit’ attitude and run with it!

As for my recipient? Don’t know what I’ll do just yet because you know I have so few yarn choices and even fewer patterns to choose from. This means I better get crackin’!

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