Notes From Stashland

blue sock monkeyThis little sock monkey has been busy trying to pull the right yarn out of the stock on hand for my Sockapalooza pal. Since I sometimes dwell in the land of indecision, I’m counting on you to help out with that choice. Even if you can’t decide on a specific yarn, at least point me in a color family direction. As for patterns, I’ve decided it will be one of two choices – both of which are from the talented Cookie A.: Monkey (Knitty, Winter 2006) or Mona Socks. On to the hard part: pick a yarn, any yarn!

The Blue Group:
The Red Group:The Green Group:

I’ve seen Monkey work equally well with both handpainted and solid yarns. However, I’m not sure the curves and eyelets of Mona will fare as well with the less subtlety variegated colorways. As always, I appreciate your input and advice.

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  • Poor you with “so few choices”. Har.

    Ok first of all, please send ME choice E of the green group.

    For Mona I would use B or C of the Blue Group, A*, C or E* of the Red Group and A or B of the Green Group. *indicates bestest choices

    For Monkey I think they could ALL work, except of course, E of the Green Group 🙂
    But my faves would be A – Blue, B & D – Red, B & D – Green.

    ACK just knit some cream Regia Silk socks!They say less is more ya know 🙂

  • i think a plain color or a really subtle variegated would be best! i relly like C in the blue group, A, B, or E in the red group, and A or E in the green group.

  • For Monkey I like Green D or Red B. For Mona, any solid color is good.

  • The green group is fabulous! If you do Monkeys, I think Green D would be amazing. If you do Monas, I think Green E would be especially nice, as would Red A or E. Good luck deciding! I’m stashdiving for my Sockapalooza pal right now, too…

  • Green group! green group! especially the two on the right of the green group.

  • Way too many choices, but I narrowed it down to Monkey in any B, D or E.

  • Jess P.

    I love A from both the blue and the red group. Just my two sockapalooza cents.

  • I like from the Red group, A or E and From the Green group, E.

  • I think you’re right about Mona. Blue B and C, Green A would suit, but I’d also consider Red A and E (they look subtle). I think I love Green E. That might be worth trying for Mona, and it could do Monkey with both hands tied behind its back if you could bear to part with it! Red B looks suitably cheeky for Monkey, too.

  • Carla

    A or B in the blue group! That’s what I would want!

  • If you want to do the Mona pattern then I’d choose Blue group C. If you choose to do Monkey then I’d go for Green group C. Just my 2 cents. 🙂