Ooh La La: IK!

The Summer 2007 Interweave Knits landed in my mailbox today and, boy, are there some sweet numbers inside. There are socks and lace and simple, classic pieces that look perfectly suited for the hot weather ahead. With a few exceptions, there don’t appear to be any purposefully strange or complex garments that have sometimes graced knit magazine pages. You know what I mean.

If time (and my body) permitted, I would knit 24 / 7 and forgo sleep to produce my IK picks (photos from Intwerweave preview site):

Josephine Top
Deborah Newton

Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke
Pam Allen

Spiral Boot Socks
Véronik Avery

Notre Dame de Grace Pullover
Véronik Avery

Pipe dreams perhaps, but lovely nonetheless. They’ll have to go on the “I want that someday” queue along with selections from Rowan 41 and ChicKnits latest beauty, Nicole. Naturally, I have the perfect yarn for each of them.

Why tease myself with all of these patterns? If I’m going to live “inside my head,” I may as well have lovely, inspiring company, n’est pas?

8 comments to Ooh La La: IK!

  • Josephine has been my favorite everytime I flip through this isssue ( it takes a couple times through to make sure you didn’t overlook something). I just am not sure if it’s flattering for my shape. Hmphhh…

  • I hope my copy arrives soon! I have my eye on the wheat-ear yoke sweater. Anything to draw the eye up not down.

  • Thanks for the preview! I’m still waiting for my IK to hit the mailbox here. Understandably, it takes a little longer then most folks.

    I really like the Josephine top. Oh! And I love Nicole from Chicknits! You’re not the only one who wishes to forego eating and sleeping and all other activities to produce such beauties!

  • The Notre Dame de Grace is on my list, tho’ I’ll need to lengthen it! And the Wheat Ear cable sweater as well, tho’ I’m not so sure about the wide neckline….Still it’s gorgeous.

    Yes, I looked at the newest VK last night and thought – eeyuck.

    Classic wins my vote every time!

  • I received my IK mag yesterday too! The Notre Dame Pullover really caught my eye. And the tutorial on toe-up socks is wonderful. I’m going there next, I think.

  • I just got my IWK yesterday, and I really like Josephine too. It is weren’t for my stupid batwing arms, I’d be knitting that in a flash! Be well and happy knitting!

  • I really like the Notre Dame Pullover. That looks NICE!

  • I think the Josephine top is really pretty but I worry about fit…look at how ill fitting it is on the models teenie boobage, I imagine all sorts of weird protrusions for women of ample boobage 🙂