Weather Report

Today, look for occasional knitting following a 4-day dry spell. Expect continued spotty work to eventually give way to mostly sunny skies and finished objects over the next 10 days.

Frequency of repeats this afternoon should reach a high of around 2 to 3 rounds per hour, slowing to zero by nightfall. Stray knitting remains a possibility overnight, barring sleep event.

Sockapalooza 4Mona” sock, first 24-row repeat complete; 1.5 additional repeats needed to finish the leg.

Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl, about 50% complete (per pattern)

6 comments to Weather Report

  • Great knits happening there!!

  • Wow, that shawl is gorgeous! I love the colorway. Yummy!

  • I love both of those projects, but I especially adore the Mona socks in that green colourway. I think your Sockapalooza pal will be thrilled with them.

  • We’re all wishing you sunny skies!

  • I am guessing the public service advisory came from the National Knitting Service… It sounds like you must be having some trouble, sorry to hear that. Your work is beautiful as always, and I love the colors you work with. I think that shawl will really be a stunner when it is complete! Are your sock blockers from The Loopy Ewe? Do you like them for actual blocking, or are they just a fun accessory? Be well, and hope the non-knitting squal blows over soon.

  • Both are gorgeous!!

    With all the knitting accoutrements I have, I don’t have sock blockers — do you have more than one size and do you really like them?

    I won’t have a new battery for my phone til Thursday I think so our convo might have to wait til next weekend 🙁