A First Time For Everything

Like most of us, I appreciate fine craftsmanship and design – especially of those things that are born out of a passion for creative excellence. Thanks to Anne, I am reminded once again that useful can also mean quite beautiful. Witness these circular needles (now available down to size 2 US), made to order by Jenkins Woodworking:

Jenkins Circular Needles
(Top, left: Pink Ivory, size 8 US. Bottom, right: Bloodwood, size 6 US)

They’ve only just arrived so I’ve yet to introduce them to yarn. There’s a small matter of a pair of socks and a shawl to complete before these babies are pressed into service. Until I do, I am content to marvel at the perfect shaping of the business ends with their smooth joins and pliable cables; to feel the slender, exotic hardwoods of these, the first ever needles made just for me!

“May the work of your hands bring joy” – Ed and Wanda Jenkins

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