Proof Of Life

I realize my last few posts have clearly not be of knitted items. I even recall stating that, though I had begun Mona sock number two, it was unlikely that I would be posting a sock progress shot.

Mona Socks - v1.67

As you can see, I’ve had a change of heart – mostly because I feel the need to show that there is a bit of knitting life Chez Moi. I might be “The Little Engine That Could” since I’m met with creaky resistance in my right shoulder with each and every stitch, but I will certainly persevere.

Understand that I’m not complaining so much as frustrated by a lack of alacrity:

  • in finishing this simple, beautiful pattern for my Sockapalooza pal
  • in picking up where I left off weeks ago with the Forest Canopy Shawl
  • with being able to start a 2-color sock design I have in mind
  • with being able to finally make a Clapotis with the lovely Blue Heron beaded rayon I purchased some time ago.

Ah, well. At least I found a hair style I like. You read it here. The Heidi braids are coming off Thursday afternoon.

One more thing. I’ve noticed there seem to be a rash of companion animal money shots sprouting up on certain knitters blogs (links via Stumbling Over Chaos). Who knew that I unknowingly got ahead of that trend 2 weeks ago with Nikita’s tummy? That’s me. A trendsetter!

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