Not Afraid To Knit In Public

The weather was perfect and the company, divine! Any way you slice it, World Wide Knit In Public Day 2007 was a rousing success in Chicago. Thanks so much, Natalia, for pulling off this year’s Millennium Park fête in such a fine fashion.

WWKIP Day 2007 Montage

8 comments to Not Afraid To Knit In Public

  • Looks like a great time!! You know I knit all the time in public. I always take my knitting. I knit while my daughter plays at the park…I knit out front while the kids play, I knit on the bus and I never have ever in the last year seen someone else knitting in public….until this morning on my walk!!! A lady knitting on her front porch. I was so so tempted to go up and say hi.

  • thanks for the pics! they gave me a chance to see what i missed. it was great to see you, if briefly. hope you are feeling better!

  • Super. Lot’s of sun in the windy city!

  • Great collage! I had to knit one day in advance for the WWKIP Day, but I was there in spirit. Alas, the body was with ten or so 7-year-olds at a birthday party. Good job to everyone that made it out where ever you live!

  • great photos!! i’m so glad i didn’t miss it even though i was late.

  • Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  • What a gorgeous collage of pictures. I was a bad blogger and only took a couple of pictures once we were all packed up to go.