Batter Up!

Thank you, thank you for all the lovely compliments on the Mona socks! Now that the pressure of completing my Sockapalooza 4 contribution is off, I’ve decided to start a new pair – this time using Dream In Color (DIC) “Smooshy” sock yarn and a pattern designed specifically for DIC by an online acquaintance, Monica Nappe!

I was so excited when I read on Monica and Lynette’s blog that she was designing socks for some of my favorite yarn. As soon as they became available online through Knitter’s Palette, you know I had to lend my support and pick up a couple. Naturally, I (of the extensive stash) already had the yarn.

Sleepwalker Socks

The pattern, Sleepwalker Socks, features a braid-like leaf motif on the leg and along the top of the instep. For these, I’ll be using Smooshy in the Beach Fog colorway which I think looks so summery!

Since there is no timeline on these, I’ll work on them whenever I want a break from Forest Canopy. Nope. I haven’t forgotten my triangular shawl. It’s actually what’s next in the non-sock category. This time I think I’ll avoid any predictions on when it might be finished. Am I trying to manage expectations? Nah, just planning on working at my own pace.

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  • I don’t know what’s with Blogger but this is about the fifth “old” post of yours that Blogger has picked up as new!

  • I am a little tardy commenting on the socks, but they are really lovely. I am a fan of most any shade of green, and the pattern seems to complement the colorway perfectly. Be well.

  • What a pretty colorway to a lovely pattern!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of Sock Pal socks!

    This is your friendly neighborhood sock pal here to say that after several failed starts, I have finally selected both a yarn and a pattern that are working beautifully together – no thanks to you and your ‘go ahead, pick anything’ attitude! 🙂 I am now almost 50% done with your first sock, and barring sudden severe illness or death I should finish well ahead of the deadline.

    You’re doing beautiful stuff, as always!
    Sock Pal

  • beautiful yarn and pattern, they should compliment each other nicely. 🙂

  • I missed yesterday’s post – the Mona socks are gorgeous! And at least you wont be torturing me with that yarn anymore 🙂

    I LOVE this new sock pattern and of course you know I love the colorway!

  • Love that sock pattern. Yarn’s gorgeous, too. It’ll be a fabulous combination! 🙂

  • oh gorgeous pattern! why is it every time i come to your site my wallet start to whimper?

  • how nice karen!!! i need your speed-knitting skills. isn’t that sock pattern great?

  • Thanks for your support Karen! Let me know if you have any questions.