There Is No Knitting Here

There are thoughts of knitting; plans and dreams and schemes of knitting – especially birthday gifts and baby clothes as I have discovered over the weekend that there are not one but two women in my complex due late this fall. Ah, sweet baby caps, bootees, and my poor, neglected Forest Canopy Shawl to which I’ve added but one 7-row repeat in the past week. It’ll never get finished at this rate!

It’s not that I’ve been stepping out on my ever patient WIPs. I haven’t cast on for anything new as I am usually wont to do. Oh no! Mr. Ennui cuts a wide swath across Bloglandia and even I am not immune to the “mehs.” So, while I sort out what to do and where I might find a cheap airfare to the land of excitement, I thought I’d share how the kitty boys stay busy.

Nikita, batting at a toothbrush.
Nikita does battle with a toothbrush in the guest bath.

Rocky, busy looking cute.
Rocky doing what he does best: look real cute!

18 comments to There Is No Knitting Here

  • Jen

    Oh, I love your cats! They are too cute! 🙂

  • Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a totally awesome day!

  • What doll-babies the kitty-boys are!
    (I had one that looked a lot like Nikita once…)
    Hmm….toothbrush inspection, huh…I wonder…

  • Oh I love your cats!!!

  • Rocky is a beautiful cat! Good thing Nikita is around to inspect the toothbrushes.

    Ennui has become epidemic this summer. I hope an antidote is found soon.

  • Beautiful kitties! Rocky looks like he’s got blue eyes.
    Mabel has already come out of her room and started tearing at the evil rolls of toilet paper. Very nearly normal at my end.

  • Perhaps the contagious ‘meh’ is a downside to fibre arts blogs. I’m getting over it, though: night before last I dreamed of knitting, so yesterday I ordered the yarn of my dreams 🙂
    And today I spent TWO HOURS cleaning the front room. Which is an indication of just how filthy it was!
    Cats are so helpful…

  • Rocky does look very purdy. He’s peeking at me around the edge of the comments window right now.

    Nikita surely looks purdy, too, when he’s of a mind to.

    I think some down time is needed in any enthusiasm, no matter how enthusiastically practiced.

  • I too am gland 🙂

    I love those kitty men!

  • I think they both look pretty cute! The plans are really firming up, I think I will actually make it to stitches this year!!!

  • Chairman Nikita thanks you for your kind support. Rocky just looks purdy.

  • I think that the plans and dreams of knitting are just as important as the actual knitting. They are the seeds of our actual productivity and should be carefully nurtured. 🙂

    And those are adorable kitty pictures. I hope Quincy doesn’t get any ideas from Nikita!

  • And THAT, my dearest, is why the bathroom door stays closed when Auntie Sis comes to visit!! No, Nikki, not the toothbrush!!!

    Sorry to hear you are feeling “bleh”sphemous. Where ya thinkin’ of jetting off to? Hawaii, again? 🙂

    Hugs, my sweet.

  • I am, however, quite gland. 🙂

    I hear ya on the “meh”s. Must be going around.

  • Obviously I’m glad, not gland.

  • I’m very gland that he is inspecting the toothbrushes and making sure no evil lurks there. My Anais helped me out this morning by knocking my evil box of stamps and stamp pads upside down, off the table. It was a close one; I may have unsuspectingly used them.

  • Karen —
    I always wondered why Frank’s toothbrush had to be replaced so often — you may have just provided a very important clue!!! Love those kitty boys!