I, Möbius

One day, during a visit to my local purveyor of yarn, I came across a beautiful top the owner had on display. “That’s the Lacy Shoulder Wrap from Cat Bordhi’s Treasury of Magical Knitting,” she said.

I was intrigued but put off purchasing the book until I’d moved a few WIPs into the finished column. I still have a couple of socks on the needles but really long to do something different, so now is the time for another kind of knitting! I know I’m absolutely late to the party when it comes to the single edge that is möbius, but as a confessed geek, I still find it pretty amazing. I just wish I hadn’t wasted the money on that “Magical” book.

Ms. Bordhi rather chattily (and confusingly) explains the difference between a 180 degree twist and a 360 degree twist – surprisingly never calling it that either! I read the magic cast on directions (complete with tiny pictures) at least 4 times but couldn’t make heads nor tails of what she was really saying. So I took my troubles to Google and that lead me to Planet Shoup.

Plain and simple, I instantly visualized the half-twist and knit up a sample. I know it worked because I was able to run my finger along the single edge of infinity:

Moebius sample

Alright, so maybe it wasn’t a complete waste. I do have the pattern I wanted and the yarn I’m going to use is absolutely sumptuous. It’s called Bamboo Silk from the Great Adirondack Yarn Company in the color “Very Berry”:

Moebius wrap

Admittedly, there are worse things going on in the world than having needlessly spent money on a book. I’m off to count my blessings now, mkay?

12 comments to I, Möbius

  • Beautiful pattern and yarn! Thanks for the link to an easy explanation of the mobius CO.

  • That’s going to be gorgeous!

  • Thanks for the link to learning the mobius! My Mom has commented on several mobius patterns & I knew I needed help to get started on one. 🙂 The yarn for your wrap is beautiful!

  • I feel the same way about her socks soar on two circulars book. That much money for directions on one single page?!? Grrrrrr. Have I or will I ever use it after that very first pair of socks? Nope. O well.

    Definitely only gonna use the library for her next books, out of curiousity. Because grrrrr. I wasn’t impressed with her moibus books either. Self published and it shows I think.

    But! But! Your moibus is looking awesome. 🙂

  • Wow, what a lovely yarn cake – it’ll look great in that pattern. As for the infinity thing, everytime I see it, I’m reminded of some of the lovely ladies of my knit group who got tattoos of “K2tog(infinity sign)”. Awesome.

  • Karen —
    The colors of the yarn you selected are lovely, and will look just gorgeous on you! I’ll be anxious to follow your progress — the wrap pattern is really pretty. Have a wonderful time starting something new and FUN!

  • That yarn in that pattern? Going to be gor-ge-ous!
    I don’t have her books yet. Maybe one day…

  • The mobius confounded me when I found a pattern to try… Unlike you, I gave up.

  • That’s really pretty! I, too, bought that book but it’s been on the shelf for ages. I tried the cast-on once but that’s about it. Maybe someday…

  • Me and Occam, we think alike, the simplest solution tends to be the best one. Why some people insist on complicated instruction beats me.

    Your mobius will be lovely.

  • What a cool shaw. I must have been under a rock because I have never seen it. Yours will look lovely in that color. I sometimes what makes some of these folks think that just because they can make up great patterns, they are qualified to teach someone else how to do it. I have always thought that great teachers are born, not made.

  • Like you, I find the mobius fascinating…and that pattern beautiful!
    Happy knitting.