We’re Halfway There

I must say that working with this nearly 50-50 blend of Great Adirondack Yarn Company silk and bamboo has been heavenly and really tough to put down. So tough in fact that I have completely abandoned all other WIPs to knit, purl and yarnover my way through this interestingly constructed wrap in record time. Since I’m just about to join the second skein to complete the last half of my half-twist Möbius Lace Wrap, I thought I’d share my status as of one week in:

Möbius Lace Wrap

Here it sits: 430 stitches per row, 8,600 stitches thus far, coiled around a 47-inch size 6 US Addi lace needle. You see that I’ve pointed out the cast on tail? That’s because Möbius knits are constructed from the center out towards the ends simultaneously. Unless you do it (or you’re very visually oriented) it is hard to imagine. It’s also mind-boggling to think that, conceptually, you’re knitting in two directions at once, though given the nature of Möbius, there really is only one side.

Who’s afraid of a mixing up a little math with their knits? Not I.

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