Very Berry Möbius Speaks

Möbius Lace Wrap - Complete!

I so enjoyed coming into being; stitch after silky stitch of that yummy yarn building above and below the pink cable line of my knitter’s needles and she had no idea. I came out just as I was supposed to, even though my knitter got tired toward the end and cheated me of a couple of rows. No matter. I got her back, but good!

I know that my knitter is a bit disconnected from her actual versus imagined body size. I gave no clue during my making that the size 46 bust was too big. You should’ve seen her jaw drop as she neared the end of my 430 stitch cast off. Heh. Well, fun is fun, but now what do I do? I don’t see much of a future on this dressmaker’s dummy. Won’t somebody save me?

Help is on the way
Cry me a river, Möbius wrap. Yes, I made you a few inches too large. No, I will not rip and re-knit you. I simply do not possess that kind of patience. Unless someone has a goof-proof, can’t-miss silk shrinking method, I’m giving you away, baby!

Did someone say, “Contest?”

If you’re interested in pretty silk lace Möbius wrap, send an email to yimmcontest [at] gmail [dot] com. Your entry will be the subject line containing the words “Very Berry Wrap” and a number between 1 and 100. That way, I won’t have to open the emails.

Pattern: Möbius Lace Wrap from Cat Bordhi’s “Treasury of Magical Knitting”
Yarn: Great Adirondack Yarn Company Silk and Bamboo
Needle: Addi Lace 6 US
Modifications: Rows 38 – 39 eliminated without significant impact to wrap.
Dimensions (inches): 46″ x 13″

The last day for contest submissions is Friday, August 24, 2007. The winning entry subject line will contain the number closest to the randomly selected number. The winner will be announced the following week. Thanks for participating in the first-ever contest chez Yarn Is My Metier!

22 comments to Very Berry Möbius Speaks

  • I think it is the perfect size!

  • The wrap is so gorgeous! Too bad that it is too big. And I don’t think it would fit me either, otherwise I would enter the contest. I love the pattern and the yarn.

  • I’m sorry that it’s too big also. It’s gorgeous. I love the colorway of the yarn you used.

  • Yay for finishing! I know how yummy the yarn was to work with, so that was a treat in itself.

    I ran into the same prob with my stripey shrug, yet I plug away at it. It will fit -someone- dammit.

  • Jen

    That wrap is so beautiful. It’s a shame you can’t keep it for yourself. 🙂

  • Beautiful! How sad that it is too big for you, my friend. (It is too big for me, too, so I won’t enter your contest.) Your generosity will come back to you!!

  • I have to agree. The wrap is so beautiful. What a wonderful job you did. It really is not fair that it is too big. Surely there is a fix out there. There are some very clever folks in this knitting community.

  • Oh, Karen, the wrap is so beautiful! I am so sad that it is too big for you! That yarn is just gorgeous and the pattern shows it off so well.

  • Sarah R

    I’m sending an entry for sure…but really, don’t you think you can figure out a way to wear it? It is so-o-o-o beautiful. I don’t think I could bear to give it up.

  • It’s gorgeous, scrumptious, and you really should do something (later, much later) with that yarn!

  • that turned out sooo beautifully! i’m just sorry it’s too big. maybe you could get the person who wins the contest to make one for you, in your size! 🙂

  • Well, I hope it was fun to knit. I’m hoping to see one of the Moibus masters (Cat Bordhi) tomorrow night.

  • I’m sad to hear that Ms. Mobius is being fractious 🙁

    I KNOW you dont have the patience right not but I would cut and graft it for you if you like?

    I love Karen’s idea with the shawl pin too.

    But if you do go with giving it away, that’s very generous of you, hunny 🙂

  • Karen, I do like how the lace pattern works with the stockinette/reverse stockinette thing of a Mobius. It looks beautiful. If it were mine, I’d fold over the extra and use a nice pin on it or double it for an infill inside a coat collar when it’s cold enough for something but too warm for something heavy. Silk is surprisingly warm.

    Anyway, I’ll send an entry, for sure.

  • Damn, what a crying shame! It’s gorgeous though… you sure you can’t wrap it about your neck twice, maybe? It’s so pretty! But I’m glad you’re not gonna stuff it into your drawer unloved.

    Are you gonna knit another one?

  • Or wrap it around your neck twice, and its a cool neck warmer/cowl.

  • Oh it’s gorgeous. What a shame that it’s too big. Amy’s right, sometimes it’s more the process not the product that’s the treat.

  • Steek and cut? Suddenly its a lace wrap.

  • It is beautiful! I’m so sorry it is too big! I totally agree with Amy’s comment that the knitting process can be a great reward in and of itself.

  • The wrap turned out gorgeous – so sorry to hear that it is too big. Sometimes it’s the process – not the product that is the enjoyment in the task! 🙂

  • So sorry that it’s too big!!! However, it is lovely, nice work! 🙂

  • Karen —
    Your wrap is just gorgeous — I’m so sorry that it’s too big! I wouldn’t have the patience to rip it out either, so I completely understand. But you did an absolutely wonderful job with the lace knitting!