The Happy Wanderer

What a wonderful Midwestern weekend!

The weather finally broke south of 90 degrees (F) and the humidity is something that doesn’t make my hair go “frizzzz” as soon as I put my big toe outdoors. Best of all, I got to spend the entire day with a busload of knitters from the Windy City Knitting Guild as they headed for the Michigan Fiber Festival, where I’d made arrangements for a secret rendezvous – but more on that later.

Get on the bus, Gus
7 a.m. – Depart Chicago with coffee, snacks and knitting in hand along with 50 or so other fine ladies for the rural life but 3 hours away. The Monday Night Irregulars commandeered the back row of seats on our luxury coach.

Lisa and Macarena
Lisa, Macarena and Nancy’s head

11:00 a.m – As we pull up to the festival gates, we are assured by the signage that violence will not be tolerated. Therefore any tussles over fiber will have to be settled the old fashioned way: rock, paper, scissors.

No Guns At This Festival

Once inside the festival grounds, we wandered through the vendor booths and demonstration barns for hours, connecting at various points with members of our group then splitting off again to explore the unexplored or return to a favored spot.

Meg and Bonne Marie
Bonne Marie has known Meg for a while, but the two had never met until Saturday.

Theresa, her Dad and Baby Z
I encountered Theresa and her amazing dad holding Baby Z as I crossed the fairgrounds.

Most fabulous for me? I met my “cosmic twin”, Susan! We seem to have followed a similar path and thought processes – really clicking through the power of the Internet, so it was deemed a must that we meet and the Michigan Fiber Festival was the serendipitous venue. I just wish that we’d had more time to talk one to one about a whole host of things. That is my only disappointment. Thank you, Susan. I know you didn’t feel so great but so appreciate you sharing part of your day with me!

Susan and Karen, Cosmic Twins!
Susan and me, holding a gifted skein of Aussi Sock “Spanish Fiesta”. Olé!

Were there animals? It wouldn’t be a fiber festival without ’em! Come back tomorrow for more if you have a hankering for sheepy faces. Until then, I’ll leave you with a little Llama Lovin’:

Llama love

6 p.m. – We leave the land of rolling farms, grazing livestock and apple orchards. Somehow, we ably packed a weekend into one day and we were exhausted. To quote my friend Lisa, “This totally didn’t suck!”

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