And The Winner Is…

Remember this?

Möbius Lace Wrap - Complete!

Then you also remember that Very Berry Möbius, though lovely, came out way too large and draped unfortunately beyond the realm of my shoulders. What you don’t know is that it took quite a bit of futzing (and a few hidden pins) to get the wrap to stay put on the dressmaker dummy. It was in a fit of pique that I decided to hold a contest to give her silkiness away to someone more – appreciative.

The winner is blogless Michigan knitter Nancy L., whose contest entry came closest to the randomly selected number. She’s been notified and we’re making the arrangements for me to say farewell to Miss Möbius. I may knit this particular pattern again but it will most definitely be in a smaller size!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. It was quite fun and I shall have to do it again. As you might expect, I’ve got lots of yarny goodness here at Yarn Is My Metier!

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