And Ah-One!

Fantine - right sleeveYep. It has been a week since we last saw our lovely ice blue Fantine in-the-making. I’ll keep it brief as my right shoulder has been muy problematic (hence, spotty knitting), but this 50’s inspired cropped top has grown to her full length of 19 inches as measured from the center back to the waist band.

The reason behind the post title reference to the signature Lawrence Welk “And Ah-One”? My girl has one sleeve down and one to go before the large blue buttons are added to finish this retro look.

Once my tweaked version of Fantine is complete, I’ll be sure to visually and verbally detail all the modifications, including yarn substitution, length and yoke stitch changes.

By the way, I gave in to temptation and ordered the Rowan book, NewShapes, as well. You know, the one with “Anise” on the cover? Since I have 16 balls of Polar left, I figured I had to do something useful with it, no?

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