The Knitting Wasteland

There is the faint, haunting whistle of dust and emptiness; the antiseptic sweet aroma of mothballs and cedar. Mohair fluff mixed with cat fur form giant fiber tumbleweeds that huddle in quiet corners. Sad projects, begun with such promise, litter the landscape in various states of undone-ness. This is the knitting wasteland and it is not a pretty place.

I manage to knit a few rows here and there before my right shoulder resident, Madame SLAP tear, bites back. A baby sock. An accidental toddler sock that was supposed to be a baby sock (I had Addi gauge issues). An emerging second sleeve for Fantine. A promising start on the Honeybee Stole slumps to last place on the WIP parade. Too bad there’s nothing consistently working. I’ve got plans and yarn, baby!

This charcoal Cascade 128 for Juliet:
Cascade 128 charcoal grey yarn

Two sportweight skeins of Claudia’s Handpainted in Peppermint Mocha acquired from The Loopy Ewe for a buttoned neckwarmer I have in mind:
Peppermint Mocha
Two flavors of Malabrigo (Loro Barranquero and Burgundy) with nothing in mind beyond some heavy petting. Come to momma, precious…
Malabrigo Yarns Burgundy and Loro Barranquero

In the other news this week, my copy of Rowan NewShapes arrived. How you wound me, my beloved cover girl, Anise, for I cannot begin to begin you in either capability or good conscience.

Naturally, all these schemes are on hold – only to be played out in my rich knitting fantasies, where shoulders don’t scream, fingers do not tire and the yarn (oh, the yarn) is soft, plentiful and wonderfully organized. A girls gotta dream.

12 comments to The Knitting Wasteland

  • Ooooooohhhhhhhhh!


  • OMG can I just tell you how much I’m coveting your Claudia yarn??

  • A knitting wasteland, huh? I know what you mean, sometimes it does feel like that. I’m hoping that your shoulder gets fully healed soon and you can make those knitting fantasies come true.

  • I do hope you are feeling better soon! You have such great plans. The buttons and the yarn for the neckwarmer look made for each other.

  • love this post….and the lands of knitting!
    a buttoned neck warmer sounds lovely….
    hope your pain subsides soon!

  • You must be in a lot of pain. It is so frustrating not to be able to do what you like best. Rest is probably the best medicine, but don’t we hate it! Read about the spinal injection, auuuuuuuu. Also read about Oscar, animals realy do have that extra sence. What an amazing story. Take care.

  • Keep the dream alive hunny…soon, soon…

  • Sorry about the shoulder. I have arthritis in both thumbs and down into both hands. Most days it is ok but sometimes there isn’t enough pain killers in the world that could make me pick up a knitting needle. I get so frustrated that my body doesn’t do what I want it to do when I want it to!
    And, boy, are those buttons perfect.

  • I can’t proof-read this morning.

  • Shoulders do take forever to heel, don’t they? It’s so hard to completely rest them.

    Which arm is the incompacitated one? Can you try learning the knitting method where you hold a long straight needle under your arm and throw the yarn? That involves very little shoulder movement on the side of your handedness. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knits like that and I’m sure I saw an on-line tutorial for it once. How would you search that? At least the effort to learn a new method would keep you busy.

  • May all these knitting fantasies keep your fingers warm and speed up your healing process. You’re going to come back with a vengeance!

  • Man, I should have you do color pairings for all my buttons! Fabulous eye, again!

    Remember all these plans are for your STELLAR! COMEBACK! made all the more exciting by the wait.