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Rowan New Shapes coververboten

(from Merriam-Webster Online)

Main Entry: ver·bo·ten
Pronunciation: v&r-;'bO-t&n
Function: adjective
Etymology: German, from Old High German farboten, past participle of farbioten to forbid (akin to Old English forbEodan to forbid), from far-, fur- for- + biotan to offer FORBIDDEN; especially : prohibited by dictate

Now that Fantine is officially finished, I thought I’d take a look at one of the other long-desired items on my wishlist: Anise. I walked over to the bookcase where I would have sworn I placed my precious NewShapes and it was not there. Just. Not. There.

I could feel my blood pressure rise as I pulled out all the recently reorganized books in the office. Next, I took everything off the top of the WIP armoire. Lastly, the yarn closet, where I apparently trapped an orange cat who had, unbeknownst to me, tagged along on my search.

I’m pacing now. How could it be MISSING? I fought so hard to get that damn book and now it’s GONE?

I first purchased this book in August from an online retailer who claimed to have the book in stock, but did not. The following week, the owner contacted me to say that it would be available and shipping to me within the next day or so. It never showed. I waited a month for that book. Can’t say I don’t have at least some patience. I never heard back about my refund request either. Grrr. But who’s going to go ballistic over $16.95? No, I will not name the shop publicly.

By this time, the book had become more widely available in the US, so I bought it from the lovely (and speedy) Knitter’s Palette. It arrived and I hugged it, then promptly put it at the top of the stack of books on the bottom shelf in the office.

That was last week. This morning, I decide to double-check yarn requirements for Anise and see what else I might queue for the making (or at least dream about). I reach for the book and no soap. Am I just not supposed to have this book? Ja. Verboten.

Was my desire for it too strong and thus the knitting universe is doling out a bit of Rowan-lust punishment? I don’t think I rate that high on the naughty knitter charts for this kind of treatment, thank you very much.

If you were me, would you tempt fate and buy the book one last time?

ETA: Oh, how wise are my readers? Very. I found the errant Rowan tucked out of sight on another bookshelf. It had slipped behind a box of patterns. Now don’t I feel a bit sheepish for blowing a gasket.

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  • I am so happy to hear you found your book. That is a super nice sweater on the front cover! Very much would like to see you knit this one. The yarn color is pretty awesome too.

  • Very glad to hear that you found your book. It’s quite frustrating when they go missing!

  • Karen, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog in September. Somehow I didn’t receive notice of it until last night. Go figure.

  • loved reading this post….
    hate looking for something…and wasting precious time……..
    so glad you found it!

  • I can’t stand losing things in my house! (Don’t ask me how many pairs of glasses had to be sacrificed!)

    I think you did the best thing possible: put out the wish, then step back and let it happen.

    Benign neglect is often the path of least resistance and BAM! Things snap right to…

  • I’m glad you found it! ;o) I hope it’s worth it!

  • Anonymous

    When I lose something I am an absolute wreck, whether it’s a chapstick or a book. I feel for you! I’m glad you found it!


  • When my daughter was little we had a book called “Turtles Turn Up On Tuesday” – and you can imagine a lost turtle, a philosophical Dad, and a distraught child…

    And the turtle did INDEED turn up on Tuesday…

    We started using it as a reference point…something missing? It’ll turn up on Tuesday…

    I’m very glad it turned up!

  • I lent my favorite novel to someone to read who promptly moved away with my book. I found it used at a book store and bought another copy which I lent out and lost again. I lent out a third copy and it, too ran away from home. I was sure I was destined to love this book but not to own it. Finally, I bought a copy and it does not leave the house. ever for any reason. I don’t even like lending it to my daughters to read and I know where they live!

  • meg

    Terribly frustrating to loose something you *know* is there! Glad you found it 🙂

  • Jen

    I am glad you found your book! And Fantine looks great. 🙂

  • Glad you found book 2, now about book 1…Let the queen of confrontation get your refund for you hunny!

    Seriously, I would call and send many emails daily until you got the book or the $$, that’s just not right! In fact it’s called stealing!!

    Let me at em! 🙂

  • I’m so glad you found the book! I’ve been in that boat more times then I’d care to count. Now you have a long weekend to cozy up with Anise. 🙂

  • So glad you found it!
    I had this same issue last week with my Last Minute Knitted Gifts….

  • Glad you found the book! When I can’t find a knitting book, it’s usually because I actually had put it away on the shelf in our extra bedroom, and I don’t remember being so neat. Have a great weekend!

  • Maybe someone else can buy it and give it to you as a gift?? And then technically you didn’t buy it. Or maybe you should go outside and stand on one leg and hold out a squirrel in your left hand. It’ll turn up for sure!

  • Do you have any reason to believe it could have left the house? Had any groups of covetous knitters over lately? Does the orange cat have a penchant for pretty pictures of sweaters?

    If I had a copy I’d photocopy it for you. You paid for it twice. I think that cover you for copyright karma.

  • Have you looked inside the covers of other books in the area? Sometimes the wee books get eaten by the big ones. (I’m also shocked you didn’t get the refund for the un-sent book — that’s ridiculous.)

  • Buy the second one! Then when you find the first one, you have an extra for a reciepent! Lol.

    Poor girl. How irritating.

  • Karen —
    I’d give it a day or two — maybe the cats hid it! This has happened to me too many times to count! I agree with Pirate Alice, start something else and it is SURE to turn up!

  • I’m with karen, it will turn up once you stop searching for it. Sit down, watch TV, have a nice cup of tea and rest for a little bit. Start on something else and you’ll suddenly discover the book while you’re frantically looking for something else.

  • It will turn up, Karen. Maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling you to rest?

  • Anonymous

    I’d say give it a few more days. I know the feeling – need to have it NOW! My smaller books usually end up pushed back, in between fatter books, in a “perfectly logical” place. Hope it shows soon. Terry

  • Hah, that whole scenario is exacatly why I have two of the Rowan Calmer books from when they first came out. Can’t say I regret it, either…