Ode to Stockinette

Boring. Uninspired. Mindless. Oh, the ubiquity! This is oft your lot, my dear stockinette; much maligned, nay, overlooked I think might be a better way to put it. In reality, you should be hailed as the maker of quick work. As rest for weary eyes. As Zen for the fingers.

Stockinette in the round was the only way I could go from concept (“Oh, I should make a hoodie!”) to over 75% complete on said project within days.

WIP: Jack's Birthday Hoodie

That uplifting feeling of accomplishment cannot be overstated – especially since it just dawned on me this week that it is holiday knitting time! I want to keep things manageable so I don’t succumb to the self-imposed pressure of not keeping up. For now, I’ll put aside all thoughts of “me” knits (Juliet, Anise, Honeybee Stole) and turn my hands toward making a couple of pairs of socks, a simple black scarf, two hats and the Tree Bark neckwarmer.

Does that seem like a long list? Maybe not, if you consider that my friend Stockinette will feature prominently in at least half of them. It may not be exciting or challenging but I don’t need that shock to the system every time I pick up my needles. Sometimes, it’s just about the soothing motion and controlled tension of yarn through fingers and loop over loop.

20 comments to Ode to Stockinette

  • YUM! Stockinette st sundae!

    But of course, you are using yet another fabulous yarn that I wouldn’t have seen with even 10 prs of @y@s…

  • Stockinette shows off the perfection of your knitted stitches. Every mistake or twisted stith shows. It is the sign of the confident, sure knitter. I love the straight rows and how the color stars.

  • Lovely, it looks lovely. Nothing quite so soothing as stockinette.

  • “zen for the fingers”: truer words were never spoken. that’s why i miss the clapotis so much. i really need to find another project with some stockinette. it truly is misjudged.

  • Definitely not mindless. It’s mindful, restful, the perfect way to display such a lovely colour. Is it as soft as it looks?

  • Stockinette, especially in the round, can be quite soothing. That hoodie is going to be fantastic! I have only a couple of gifts to knit this year, so I think the stress won’t be too bad.

  • You do know X-mas is already in 2 months?! With that list (stockinette or not)I would get stressed out to finish it all in time. Good luck on all the projects!

    ‘you better watch out, you better not cry ….’

  • Oh, AND I love doing stockinette in the round. When I lived in Sweden (a very long time ago) my Swedish “Mother” taught me how to convert most patterns to do them in the round. Just remember saying “Why doesn’t everyone do this?” (but in Swedish. LOL).

  • K-

    Thanks so much for you post on my blog! Feeling so much better and actually ate lunch today. Funny how those little things make you happy even if it took me 3x longer than normal. 🙂

  • I started my very first sock last night. I’m sure yours will turn out much nicer but I’m excited to be able to join the sock knitters!

  • You are a whole lot further than I am on my never ending sweater. I think I would rather be knitting plain sts right now.

    I love the Juliet pattern! It’s on my list too.

  • I find simple stockinette with no pattern stitch to keep track of at all, much more interesting to knit than a simple, repetive pattern. The simple pattern? Boring. Stockinette? Inspired. Love the sweater so far.

  • I love the stocking in the round, too and hence I love my “simple socks” that I carry everywhere…

    It’s very very Zen.

  • I like that thought: “Zen for the fingers.”

    Your hoodie looks beautiful.

  • Good going on the project. I bet it feels really good after so long with so little knitting happening.

    I like to knit stockinette. It relaxes my brain and suits my tendancy to knit while reading blogs or watching movies. Right now I have two stockinette cardigans going – not in the round but I’m knitting back backwrds rather than purling. I find that more comfortable and get a better gauge.

  • I’m feeling the same love for chunky garter stitch right now (it’s a baby Tomten). It’s nice to spend some extended time with the knit stitch now and then. Especially when you need to crank out the gifts! 🙂

  • I love knitting stocking stitch in the round. When all my other projects are too complicated or frusterating, I cast on some to be knit around and around…very soothing.

  • I love knitting stockinette and in the round is bliss! Nothing wrong with it at all to me. Good ol’ stockinette is good for what ails you. 🙂

  • It’s knitting up so quickly! Enjoy all that marvelous stockinette. I need to take a look at my holiday knitting and figure out if it’s realistic to do it all! Your list looks great.

  • Stockinette in the round is sheer, mindless bliss! As for holiday knitting, I was so proud of myself for making my two Hemlock Rings so early. That’s right – done! Ah, now to sit back and knit for self!