FO: Felted Foliage

It came as a surprise, this latest finished object. I’d just started “Foliage” from Fall ’07 Knitty when it was no sooner finished. And felted. I even have about twelve inches of a matching, triangular scarf / shawl thing trailing off my size 13US straights, which should use up the remaining Malabrigo “Little Lovely (variegated)” and “Geranio (solid).” What’s come over me? Let’s start with the knitting first.

I had every intention of knitting Foliage as written but things veered seriously off-course when I found that I did not have the correct size (nor length) for either dpns or circular needles. I went up to size 8US dpns and size 9US circular. I’m no fan of the short-cable circular, thus I only own two in my entire collection. Although the worsted weight yarn is well-matched with needles in the 7 to 9US range, the pattern ended up rather larger than intended – and that was even prior to adding the ribbing as called for in the pattern. That’s why it was ixnay on the ibbing-ray.

FO: Foliage Hat
Exhibit A

After careful consideration cursing my stupidity, I figured that a bit of bath in mild soap and hot water might just save my bee-hind. This is, after all, one of the gifts on my holiday list. Some manual agitation, a good rinse and a roll in a fresh towel yielded a slightly smaller, fuzzier bucket hat, which I’ve got to say I actually like just as well!

FO: Felted Foliage Hat
Exhibit B

Now I will answer the question as to, “Why the knitting frenzy?” I saw a new specialist on Friday who refused to even acknowledge what the MRI shows about my right shoulder because my pain doesn’t fit within his experience of that particular diagnosis. He is the second doctor to refuse to fix my shoulder. He is the second doctor to pat me on the head and send me off to pain management and physical therapy so that I can learn to live with my limitations.

If you know me at all, this treatment is tantamount to throwing a lit firecracker at my feet. I get highly agitated. Not because I want surgery from which it could take up to a year to fully recover, but because I want someone to flippin’ take me seriously. I need to feel as though the physician is my ally in diagnosis and recovery. I’m doing my part, with physical therapy and research. Work with me, is all I ask.

That’s why I made short work of this hat. My frustration needed an outlet and I’ve given up all but one of my deleterious habits. What am I left with? Sticks and string, baby. Sticks and string.

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  • The hat looks great! The post-felting size is much better.

    Doctors who don’t listen, don’t take us seriously, are the epitome of frustrating. Personally, I’d keep trying new doctors until I found one willing to work with me. It’s your body, you ought to know when something’s not right with it. “Get used to it” is a sorry excuse for an answer.

  • I’m sorry the dr was such a jerk. here’s hoping you find a new one. I love the hat you’ve made, very nice.

  • I like your version of the hat better than the Knitty version. Sorry to hear about the Drs. I’ll be thinking if I have any Dr contacts in Chi town…

  • In a city the size of Chicago, I would think someone would listen to you!!! How utterly frustrating! Grrrrrrrrrr. I wish I could help.

    Beautiful hat, girlie. The felting is a stroke of genius!

  • So the real doctors in Chicago are not like the cuties in the TV series ER?! Fortunately here in the Netherlands doctors do listen to their patients (most of the time anyway). I really hope a good doctor will come along for you shortly. Take care!

  • with your “fire” you will be healed soon! and i will keep you in my thoughts.

    i love fabulous outcomes! way to use your creative energy to see a beautiful finished object.
    one lucky recipient!

  • Love the hat. It looks very cool felted, actually. Bet it’s also warmer than the original version. As for the doctor, you have my sympathies – it’s one thing to have to live with pain, and it’s another entirely to be told that it’s not a “real” problem. Hmph. Well, solace in sticks and string is a very good way of easing the soul…may I recommend cashmere therapy? 🙂

  • I am so sorry to hear you have idiot doctor woes. I had them for a few years when it came to my Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Hang in there and don’t take that nonsense from them.

    And I’m glad you found such a productive outlet for your frustration. The hat is gorgeous!

  • I LOVE this accidental hat! Looks wonderful!
    I’ve lost the believe in our doctors a long time ago, and was reminded of their stupidity or spinelessness, when one said to my husband, who has a heart problem, he should take certain pills, as he (my husband) sees fit!!! The doc just wouldn’t take responsibility at all. Wish you all the best with your shoulder!

  • I too prefer the felted version to the other – what a pretty hat!

    I’m sorry your doctors SUCK 🙁

  • Your version looks so cool! I love the way the pattern continues on the brim.

  • I love Foliage as a felted bucket hat! So cute. I hope you find a good specialist for your shoulder soon!

  • Karen —
    The sticks and string worked! The hat is lovely, and I agree — I like it better felted a little. And it looks like it was done that way on purpose, so the giftee need never know!! I’m so sorry to hear about the doctor and I’m glad to see that you are staying strong with what you are looking for in a doctor. I’m praying for you!

  • Good choice of outlet for the frustration. The felting worked beautifully.

    I don’t like short circulars on their own, either, but dislike DPNs as well. I always use two circulars and thus only need one type of needle for everything. That is, unless you count needing bamboo, ebony, coated Inox, turbo, and enough of each to do a top-down with needles in the body and two sleeves at one time.

  • I’m not sure which way I like the hat better. Yours is the second version I have seen which has made me rethink my initial dislike for the pattern. Even in its pre-felted version yours looks better than the Knitty photos show.

  • Seriously come to NYC and see my knee doc. He works for the Knicks and he specializes in shoulders and knees. He’s a lot of creepy but a great doctor and if there is surgery to be done he will do it. I’m not ready to have surgery so I haven’t given him the green light yet but from everything I’ve heard he’s one of the best.

  • I don’t know why they won’t just listen.
    Most of them spend 10 minutes looking at the chart, typing into the computer and absently saying “uh-huh?” and then Boom Bam. You’re on your way with a pat on the head. Maybe an Rx. But do they hear you? No.
    B/c next time, you say the same thing over again, with the same results.

    Or worse, you find out they’ve labeled you in the chart in such a way that it’s difficult to get ANYONE to listen to you ever again.
    Keep advocating for yourself. I believe in it…and there is someone out there who will hear you. (my wish is sooner rather than later)
    LOVE the hat!

  • I like the hat! Such pretty colors and the felting worked out well, softening the color transitions (as well as the size issue). I too actively dislike the short circular needles–the needle parts are way too short.

    Good luck with your shoulder! I hate when doctors aren’t helpful. I hope you find relief soon.

  • That hat RAWKS. It is totally gorgeous felted–actually better than just knitted.

    Apparently being pissed off is good for your creativity. Sorry you keep getting the runaround–I wish I were an expert surgeon so I could help. 🙂

  • Jen

    Love the hat!

    I am sorry to hear about your troubles with the doctors. It is so frustrating when they won’t listen/don’t take you seriously.

    Hope you have a great week! 🙂

  • Oh good, it was felted on purpose. The first couple sentences scared me a little. It looks cute.
    Stupid doctors; I hope one comes along that will work with you soon.

  • Thanks for the recommendations for knitting stores in Chicago. We managed to squeeze one in before the wedding. I went to Loopy Yarns and loved it. Everyone was really sweet and helpful and the yarns were just yummy. Thanks so much. I have to go back to chicago and do more rummaging.