Foliage, Part 2 and a Birthday

I wanted to thank you guys for your support in my quest for a physician who’ll work with me on this shoulder thing. Sorry for the vitriol of the post itself, but I’m not sorry about the hat that came out of it! Speaking of my version of Foliage, a number of you asked for details so here we go.

The original pattern for worsted weight yarn calls for you to knit the crown using size 7 US dpns. I used size 8. I then worked rounds 1 – 19, per pattern.

Once the crown is complete, you are instructed to work 3 repeats of the 12-round leaf pattern on size 7US circular needles, whereas I used size 9US. I knit one leaf pattern repeat in the variegated yarn, then 12 rounds of stockinette, alternating variegated and solid yarn, then one last leaf repeat in the solid. The change in needle size is why my version bells out slightly from the crown.

The last change I made was to eliminate all but one row of the p1, k1 ribbing. I used it as the bind-off row in the variegated yarn.

FO: Foliage Hat Modifications
Lastly, I lightly fulled the hat in the kitchen sink with a bit of Soak, hot water and scrunching to get the finished product.

Birthday Boy
The other thing I forgot about in all my righteous indignation was my baby Nikita’s birthday. He looks pretty good for an 11 year old, doesn’t he? That’s my tabby boy, my buddy, Nik.

Nikita, reclining in shadow

14 comments to Foliage, Part 2 and a Birthday

  • Happy birthday, Nik! You’re a stunning kitty.

  • Huray!
    Er is er 1 jarig hoera, hoera, dat kun je wel zien dat is hij.
    (Dutch ‘happy birthday’ song)

  • I don’t do knitted hats, but that one’s tempting 🙂 And Nikita (Nik?) deserves all the adoration. As for the doctors? He and I have both had problems with specialists, although only his problems are anything near as serious as yours. As they gain experience they gain confidence and soon they’re so confident in their own experience that they don’t value that of anyone else. Oh, and isn’t it wonderful that, whatever their specialty is, that’s just what will sort your problem? Bah, humbug. At least he’s learning to live with his knees, or they’re learning to live with him. Stand your ground! But then you sound? read? like someone who knows how to do that 🙂

  • I really like how you modified that hat! Gives it a 1920s feel.

    What a pretty photo of Nik! He does look very good, and he looks very happy on your quilt.

  • Oh, happy birthday! He’s so handsome.

  • Lovely cat!
    Lovely hat!
    Any chance of…
    Cat IN hat?


  • meg

    Cute hat! Happy Birthday to the furbaby! Cats are such happiness inspirers 🙂

    Oh, and GIVE ‘EM HELL! Doggone doctors. Think they’re gods. All the times I had to get pissy because some medical person was letting a person of mine suffer *grrrrrrrrrr* *snarl*

  • I love your flipping hat! Still! Again! Something!

    Will so copy it. Soon.

    Nikita! Happy birthday to you! You are flipping cute!

  • What a handsome kitty man!! Happy Birthday Nikita!!!

  • Give Niki a Happy Birthday chin scritch from me. He doesn’t look a day over about two in the photo. They age so fast.

    My formerly fearless and agile 11 year old now won’t try jumps that would have been easy for her in the past. She’s missed a few and it spooked her – just not used to not being able to get anywhere she wanted to. The 9 year old now gets to places she couldn’t as a pudgy baby and taunts her mom.

  • Happy Birthday Nikita! You look marvelous for 11. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday Nikita! You look like such a baby for an 11-year-old! I love the Foliage hat and all your mods.

    I hope your doctor woes go away soon and you find one who will work with you.

  • Nik looks wonderful! That is an absolutely lovely photo! Cody and Cowboy say Happy Birthday!

  • Dana

    Happy birthday, Nikita! And check out the handy new tag for all the cat-lovers! I hope it was fun to revisit some of your older posts looking for pics of the little ones.

    And while I doubt I’ll ever make the hat, I did look at the photo for a while in appreciation of the meticulousness of the labeling. Angled lines and clear, appropriately colored text. Nice!