Hello, Old Friend

You know how it is. Sometimes you’ve set your sights in one direction when another – long forgotten – jumps right out at you and you say to yourself, “Where have you been?” Thus it is twixt me and crochet.

I rejoined the land of the crafty going on four years now, and crochet was my ticket to ride. Since then, I’ve strapped myself to a knitting rocket, intent on expanding my knowledge and improving my skills with socks, lace and beads. Now, physical circumstances have conspired to pull me up by the shorts and forced me to face the fact that I have production needs and not much time in which to meet the (self-imposed) demand. Enter crochet, handspun merino purchased in a frenzy from Fun With Yarn ages ago, a few yards of pink and cream Louise Harding Kimono Ribbon, and a leftover bit of Rowan Polar as hatband / edging.

Fury fueled last weekend’s fulled hat. Nostalgia and necessity nudged this weekend’s hat and scarf into being:

Crochet Hat & Scarf

Hello, my friend. I guarantee this is not the last we’ll be seeing of one another. I’ve got yarn to burn and time’s a-wastin’!

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