Ghost In The Machine?

Scene: Friday evening at a popular downtown knit bar, Loopy Yarns. Some wine, chocolate cake and dozens of stitchers are on hand for local designer Bonne Marie Burns ChicKnits fashion show. This was apparently the place to be. I spotted so many familiar faces who’d come out to show some love for one of Chicago’s very own.

The laughing and smiling and “how do you do” left me in good spirits for most of the evening. Good thing too, since otherwise I would have been a moping misanthrope had I known my usually reliable old Sony compact was going to let me down. Now I know I should’ve packed the big girl camera, especially with results like these:

Friday Night Yarn Follies

Believe it or not, this was supposed to be a shot of Corinne of Lucky Penny Handmade, but shutter lag and other ghostly doings would belay those intentions. That’s why I will not subject you, gentle reader, to any more of my fuzzy shots of this otherwise wonderful fashion show.

ChicKnits TwistBonne Marie showed nearly one dozen of her most popular styles beginning with the everyday ease of Ribby Cardi and ending with the chic new addition, Beryl. Take it from me: it is so gorgeous in person – especially the textured stitch detailing on the straight peplum at the bottom of the sweater.

I opted to take home Twist, shown left in the clearest shot of the evening. I expect this button-front hoodie should be a good chill-chaser once the winds begin to howl in the upcoming Chicago winter.

And yes, a skein or two of yarn managed to jump into my basket. You know I couldn’t leave empty-handed. Temptation whispers my name oh, so sweetly sometimes.

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