FO: Pink Diamond Scarf

I never talked about it but I’ve been working on this scarf / wrap thing all along. You see, I didn’t want the Felted Foliage hat to out into the world without a partner, so I made a diamond-shaped scarf to keep it company using a very simple stockinette pattern.

Materials and Pattern:
400 yards worsted weight Malabrigo (color shown is Little Lovely)
Size 13 US needles

Cast on 3 stitches.
Knit into front and back (kfb) of first and last stitch of each right side (RS) row.
Purl each wrong side (WS) row.
Continue the RS increases until your knitted fabric is 34″ wide. Purl back, then begin decrease.

On RS, slip slip knit (ssk) the first 2 stitches then knit to last 2 stitches, knitting them together (k2tog).
Purl each wrong side (WS) row.
Continue the RS decreases until your knitted fabric is 64″ long and 3 stitches remain.
Purl back, then bind off (BO) remaining stitches.

Since the beginning and ending stitches are doubled or halved, there is only minimal curling of the edges of this pretty wrap.

Pink scarf for Foliage hat
Pink scarf for Foliage hat

All that’s left on the holiday knitting list is a neckwarmer (50% complete), a scarf (just getting started) and two pairs of socks. Depending on how things go in December, the socks may or may not make it in time, however I remain hopeful.

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