For The Love Of Wool

If we’ve chatted for more than five minutes, it would become apparent that I have quite a few interests. Alongside history, languages, travel, social justice and politics lives my life-long interest in fashion. Oh, the incongruity! Anyway, as I was going through my daily reads, I found this item at The First Post: Wonder Woollens. Apparently, knits – especially big, comfy knits – are all the rage in Britain. Does this surprise? After all, it is the home of Rowan, Jaeger, Debbie Bliss and Blue-faced Leicester.

Quite coincidentally, big, hearty, like-a-hug sweaters have been much on the mind of late. I credit Rebecca with the term, “February sweater” because it’s about that time in the Midwest when you are really and truly sick of winter. It loses all its pretense of chilly charm, the stuff formerly known as snow has now become something definitely not from nature and you just want it to be over. Period. All I have to do now is decide on the perfect pattern. Maybe Twist? Or the Dollar and a half cardigan? The yarn has been selected from stash after much gnashing of teeth over plunking down additional dinero on tweed. I think it’ll do just fine.

Burgundy Jaeger Shetland Aran

In the meantime, the race is on the finish two gifts in two weeks because I’m scheduled for a lumbar laminotomy and discectomy on December 10th. Since the new scarf is taking longer than anticipated, I may switch to *gasp* crochet to do the majority of it, then switch back to knitting to mirror the start.

Black & Blue Scarf

I’ll let you know later this week what I end up doing. It could be an interesting texture mix of hook and needle.

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