Is My Past My Future?

partial design sketchThere are plenty of articles positing that the way to your adult career passion is through careful examination of your beloved childhood activities. Upon reflection, I suppose this makes a certain amount of sense: did you like Legos? Maybe you’ll find career satisfaction as an architect or a builder.

In my own childhood, creativity was the common denominator of things that made me the happiest: writing, reading, singing, acting, drawing, painting, knitting, crochet and clothing design. The ship may have sailed on my becoming a star of stage and screen, but I may yet discover success through some of my other passions.

I can’t say what or where specifically, but a friend and co-conspirator may have just dragged me toward a future that I thought was just a dream. The beauty part? This venture relies on nearly all of the things I thought of as “child’s play.” Here I was, spending years wishing there were more dimensions of “me” in my work life; then perhaps I’d enjoy investing so much time – and so much of myself – in it.

It was less than a week ago that I first said, “Nah, there’s no way. Maybe next time.”, fully aware that I’d probably concoct some other excuse then too. Luckily, we’d been tossing around a few details of a design idea and just last Thursday, this friend made me believe in myself enough to give it a try. December 5th was the deadline and we made it! Thank Rufus for overnight delivery.

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