Gone Fishin’

Well, the neckwarmer made it into production Saturday, doing its job quite admirably on a wintry Chicago day. I think the new owner looks smashing in it.

Tammy at Renegade Craft FairSpecifics
* Hand spun fade-dye merino from the talented hands of Lisa Mendez
* Original concept is a modified basketweave with a 5-row seed stitch border
* Two brown leather buttons hold the concoction together
* Dimensions are approximately 6″ wide by 18″ long

If I do this neckwarmer again, I’ll make it shorter or add another fastener of some sort on the inside so that it becomes more like a collar, which was my original vision. I do love Lisa’s yarn though, since it was, in part, the color fade in / fade out that inspired the piece.

Pattie, outside Pulaski Park field houseAnother original, Pattie, also known as Pirate Alice to friend and foe alike! Pattie has been known to bring grown men to their knees with her withering glance and wicked repartee. Pattie will be filling in for me for a bit as I recover from my surgery and the ministrations of The Warden. Love ya, mom!

Pattie loves crafting of all kinds, with her interest sparked at a very young age by her mother. Pattie promises to share the fun crafting projects she’s found online, as well as some of the projects already completed and (still) in progress. Along the way, you’ll meet her traveling companions Nigel and Elvis and, quite possibly, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Mabel the cat. Enjoy!

Happy Holidays y’all.

*Photos used by permission

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