Getting My Tweed On!

A new year and new yarn to play with, so what do I do? Knock out my version of the Yarn Harlot’s Unoriginal Hat Pattern (PDF) in less than 2 days. Even with chunky yarn and big needles, that still amuses me.

FO: Chunky Tweed Hat

1 skein Cascade 128 Chunky Tweed
Size 13 US dpns
2 vintage Bakelite buttons, courtesy of Vintage Necessities

Once I completed the pattern as written, I picked up 56 stitches around the bottom of the hat. Next, I used the cable cast on method to add 8 stitches to create a tab extension for the buttons. I knit this add-on flat instead of circular so that I’d end up with an easy 5 row garter band.

FO: Chunky Tweed Hat

What’s a hat without a scarf, I ask you? Just a lonely little soldier. Enter Lynne Barr’s “Knitting New Scarves” and the ZigZag scarf pattern (page 122). I’m only 3 repeats into it, but it is very easy and serves as a wonderful introduction to intarsia.

ZigZag Scarf

What an intriguing collection of scarves that ventures far beyond the basic elongated rectangle. I strongly suggest this book be added to your knit reading list.

So many other temptations in store. What should I tackle next? Blue Sky Alpaca’s Suri Merino fingerless mitts or a felted Malabrigo handbag? Oh, yeah. There are a few new designs brewing as well. My crystal ball says ’08 will be a busy, busy year!

22 comments to Getting My Tweed On!

  • totally love what you have done to the hat. so stinkin creative!
    and that scarf is so cool. i really have to check out that book.
    glad you are knitting. a lot! 🙂

  • I love tweed! Great mod to the hat with the buttons! And the scarf is pretty cool too.

  • I heard Blue Sky’s Suri is nice to knit. I can’t believe how much knitting you are getting done here! You go girl. I have been knitting the same pair of socks for what seems two months. Ugggg

    Trying to think of what to knit next. I have a few ideas.

    Talk about cute! Love the cable and the button on this hat. So hope you are getting much better. xoxo

  • Great hat! I love the button detail.

  • What an intriguing scarf! Very clever. Looks like fun to knit, too.

  • Love the hat!!! I think I’m going to have to give in and make one!
    That scarf book looks great. I keep seeing FO’s popping up all over the blogs and Ravelry and I’m loving them so far!

  • What a beautiful hat. The color combo for the scarf looks great too.

  • was i there at Loopy’s when you bought yarn for the hat/scarf set? the hat turned out fabulous and the scarf is looking great.

    i just ordered Knitting New Scarves and i can’t wait to delve into the new patterns.

  • What a gorgeous scarf! I’m seriously tempted into getting that book. How do you like the other designs?

  • Love the button tab, and the garter edge/band. The scarf is really striking. It seems as you must be feeling better – keep up the good work!

  • Awesome! I’ll have to flip through that book sometime.

  • meg

    Wow, snazzy for sure! I’m going to have a look at the book for certain . . .thanks for the tip!

  • lu

    address is, will indeed keep you posted. at phase 2 security now but if all is calm for 2 days we go back to normal. keep your fingers crossed. or whatever you do for african elections gone awfully wrong…

  • Jen

    I love your unoriginal hat. The color is wonderful!

  • lu

    i love love love this wool and the cute little buttons!

    thanks for your concern, i am safe and sound but things are a little bit chaotic with all the shops closed, un restrictions not to move, and found lost baggage now sitting at the airport that they will not deliver due to the insecure situation!

    i live in a safe area and will do my best to post updates of the situation as i see it and the safety of the city.

    happy new year!

  • I hope your business means that you are feeling better? Love the button addition to the hat, so finished and loverly. Happy New Year!

  • Really like the hat. I got that book last week and love it. It is definalty a must have book to add to anyone’s library. I have 5 patterns marked, but starting out with a simplier pattern. I am totally ADD

  • I love the addition of the buttons! And that scarf…I think I may need to get that book at some point in the near future, it looks kind of awesome.

  • You’ve been busy!
    Great stuff!

  • Anonymous

    The yellow buttons are a nice touch for the hat–so chic! I love the little details.


  • Karen —
    Adding the band and buttons really makes that hat something special! Very creative! I love the buttons, they are truly an inspired touch!