What Would You Do?

If something called Dream In Color “Baby Lace” landed in your mailbox, along with silver lined beads? If you suddenly realized that, if your design IS accepted, you’ll have to knit like the wind but you have no pattern? You swatch. With your vague idea and an arsenal of needle sizes as you try to find the right combination to work with your “not quite lace, not quite fingering” yarn.

Edited to add: Great news! Just found out this afternoon that the designs have been accepted for publication! Whoot! I’d happy dance if I could!

Lace and Beads

The color is called, “In Vino Veritas” or loosely translated from the Latin, “In wine, there is truth.” Despite my attempts to remove stray bits of cat hair, some found its way into the photo. Ignore those. Instead, enjoy the subtle shadings of the yarn which run from plum to merlot with a bit of claret for body.

The beads are from Beadworks. In the 100 gram vial, they look sort of rainbow-flavored and, frankly, I was a bit disappointed – that is, until I started to place them in pattern using the crochet hook method. I do like this method of beading, mostly because you don’t wear out the yarn by sliding beads along the length of it and you don’t have to know what you need in advance. Much more advantageous for “sketching” with your knitting, which is how I spent my weekend.

What’s on your needles?

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  • Oooh! So exciting! I’m very happy it was accepted, now GET CRACKIN’! haha. Let me know if you need a hand (or two hands holding needles).

  • Congratulations on the design acceptance! The yarn is truly beautiful. Everytime I see that colorway, I drool a little.

  • Congratulations on the design news, Karen. I hope you don’t have to over-do and strain yourself to get the knitting done.

    Not only is the crochet hook method simpler, I like how they sit on the stitch better.


  • meg

    Congratulations!!!! I’m so thrilled for you & I can hardly wait to see you published!!!! That yarn & those beads are simply gorgeous, as usual I adore your taste. Oh, and the cat hair is precious. I prefer my knitting with a little cat hair 🙂

  • YIPPPEE!!!!!!!! I’ll do the happy dance for you! see me? i’m dancin’!

  • Oh, very pretty! And congrats on the great design news.

  • Get out of here! YAY, it got accepted!! Whooohooo. Dang this is cool looking. Always blew my mind how these little beads get on there too.
    I miss my colored pencils. I use to sketch up clothes designs when I was younger and then use the colored pencils to fill them in. I want to say Prism brand colored pencils or something like that. I miss those days. Then took up watercolor painting. I am not all that good but enjoy my hobbies you know:) Do you happen to do other things like paint? Have a blast sketching up some new brilliant designs dear.

  • ‘Tis beautimous! But, you knew I’d say that, dintcha…

  • It looks great, but you already know I admire your color sense. I like the crochet method for beads as well. I am WAY too impatient to string them all on, and then knit with them. I owe my know how of that to FKD. Have a great week, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  • Very, very pretty! Good luck with your planning and knitting; you seem to be off to a wonderful start.

  • Oh that’s gorgeous! I’m just itching to get lace on the needles. *twitch*

    Yarn color is gorgeous, the lace is divine…and the beads? Oh wow.

  • Hadn’t thought of that one… thanks for the new technique, twin!

    How’s the shoulder doing these days?

  • beautiful! i am also working on some deep red lace. a shetland triangle in “superior” a dreamy cashmere blend. I’ve never tried beading, however, I know that if I were to attempt it, I’d use the crochet hook method….it seems to much more straightforward to me. 🙂

  • LOVE the color. Good luck, we’re pulling for ya!

  • Hmm, looks lovely. I look forward to knitting your design when it is published and also to my first experience with Baby Lace, love your color choice.

  • I’ve been wanting to try out their lace weight. Good luck with the design submission! Let me know if you need help with test knitting.

  • Oooh, I love what I see already! I’ve never done beadwork combined with knitting. I didn’t want to string them before hand. Now I have to look up the crochet method, and maybe give it a try. First I have to find out where to get beads and the right hooks. Can’t wait to see your finished project, hope it doesn’t take too long to be published, so we can all see it!

  • That is so beautiful! I love the color and the beads. Great work! I have nothing on my needles right now but I do have two promised scarfs (scarves?) to make. Got the yarn, have a pattern…just need to get cranking.

  • Kim

    That is lovely. I am going to check out the crochet method for beading. Stringing them along in the beginning is a pain!

  • Ooh. Love the color of that yarn. And though the beads definitely don’t look like little rainbows, at least not in the picture, I love how they look with the yarn. Knit on. 🙂