FO: Let’s Make A Deal!

FO: ZigZag Scarf - frontI was determined not to do it. After all, it’s something that I’d avoided for at least 3 or 4 years but this time was different. This time, the cold winds got the best of my usually overly-warm radiant heating system. This time, I found myself wearing three layers and two pairs of socks to bed.

Friends, it was time to turn on the heat! I also found myself longing to start a new pair of socks. The only way I would concede defeat to the weather and my “new sock” desires? I had to finish at least one WIP.

I chose the ZigZag Scarf from “Knitting New Scarves“.

zigzag scarf finished Details
ZigZag pattern, page 122
2 skeins Cascade 128
Size 10.5 US needles
Finished dimensions 6″ x 58″

The most complicated thing about this scarf was the intarsia, or color-block knitting. As you know, with any multi-skein technique, there is a tendency for yarn and knitting to get tangled around one another – even if you carefully twist one yarn under and over the other as you carry it along. As the scarf got longer, I threw it over my left shoulder to keep it out of the way. I also tried to remember to turn my work only one of two ways as I worked right and wrong side rows. Not perfect, but it really did help minimize the twist-up.

Will I knit this pattern again? Oh, it’s quite likely I will. Part of the fun of this is picking interesting color pairs and watching them intertwine with one another.

I said something about a sock, didn’t I. I’m calling it Chewy Monkey. Relax. It’s the “everybody’s-done-at-least-one” Monkey, knitting up quite beautifully in Chewy Spaghetti sock yarn. Yum!

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