What Hath Project Runway Wrought?

I was perfectly positioned on my (once) cream colored work bench (leg propped up, two pillows behind my back), quietly knitting away with some nondescript TV background noise to keep the machine humming. During a channel change break, I somehow landed right in the middle of a mini-marathon of all the current season episodes of Project Runway. Next to Law and Order, Project Runway is wonderful television to knit by. See what a few hours of mindlessly entertaining television can do?

Refrigerator Monkey avec Chewy Monkey

My handsome assistant, Changito, dangles the nearly completed Monkey from the side of the refrigerator. Cheeky monkey. This terrific V-shaped heel turns out to be a perfect fit for me.

Chewy Monkey - heel detail

I’m so glad to have found Chewy Spaghetti yarn. I really enjoy the liveliness of the colors and the twist of the fibers. This sport weight clay, light blue, mocha, chocolate and cream combo is called “Simpatico”. You’d probably laugh if you saw me stop every so often to give the yarn cake a little squeeze. I’m a weirdo.

I’ve changed a couple of small things in this flawless, oft-knit pattern: I did 5 repeats instead of 6 on the leg and I’ve gone with a stockinette instead of patterned instep. I did this for a couple of reasons. First, the heavier weight of the yarn might tend to make a patterned sock feel even thicker inside shoes, and second, I’m concerned about the yardage.

The sport weight put-up is 4 ounces, or approximately 250 yards. I weighed the remaining yarn after turning the heel and it seems I should have enough to squeeze out 2 socks. Sadly, I do not have petite feet and, in this case, my digital scale is my great, good friend.

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