I Knit Not. For Now.

But I do crochet. Yes, a hook and Michelle’s handspun merino come to the rescue when grumpy shoulder goes into the time-out corner.

FO: Crochet handspun beret

A few details
120 yards of bulky handspun merino in the color, “Hush”
Size L crochet hook
Nothing but a crochet stitch bible and a general idea for a beret (read: no pattern)

I used a knotless method (also known as “Magic Adjustable Ring“) to create a foundation chain circle that could be easily tightened with a tug. Result? No hole in the top of the hat! I didn’t invent it but I so wish that I’d known about it sooner. It makes all other methods for crocheting a circular object without a hole look positively arcane.

The pattern I chose is based on the Iris stitch, one of the “Fans and Shells” from The Crochet Stitch Bible, except I substituted half-double crochet for double crochet. Again, I winged it when it came to increasing the circle, keeping it as close to the shell pattern as possible. I kept this up until the top was about 10″ in diameter, then I decreased to a point and continued straight in single crochet for about 2″.

Oops, this is not an exclusively crochet project. I forgot about the part where I pick up the stitches along the bottom edge and do a k1, p1 ribbing for a few rows. Size 10.5 (US) double points to the rescue. A couple of buttons from the collection to finish her off and that’s it! Looks like Rocky approves.

FO: Crochet handspun beret avec chat

Let’s see if I can finish off at least one more item before hurtling headlong into my Dream In Color KAL selection.

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