Something Is Afoot

Hail, hallelujah and a chorus of angels! I have finally finished something after a what? Three, four month drought? It’s a good thing you don’t stop by here for the finished items as a good friend recently said because you’d be darn thirsty.

In any event, I thought I’d start small and achievable as I mentioned in late April. Here we have my version of the purl bee’s Pom Pom Peds; not on my feet because a) the skin on my legs looks weird and b) the cats take crap pictures due to the opposable thumbs issue. Leggy Creations sock blocker model shot:

Pom-pom Peds - tennis socks
Sportweight Louet Gems in grape and willow; 2/3 skein each.

No mods and super easy, these peds required almost no commitment to complete. I asked my mother if she wanted a pair but she declined, instead requesting leg warmers. Perhaps these feet could use some peds?

On Little Cat Feet - cropped

Meanwhile, I’ve got another stash-busting idea I need to try out. If it works out, I’ll most definitely share it here.

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