A Fallen Woman

falling off the face of the earthNo, your feed reader isn’t on the blink. I haven’t posted since late June. If it seems I’ve fallen off the face of the Earth, perhaps it is because I have.

I’m back in the shop for repairs (or something like it). I’ve scarcely purchased any yarn. The books and magazines that cross my threshold tempt but do not inspire me enough to action. Those projects that do get started sit so long that they’ve irretrievably crossed the invisible divide between “In Progress” and “Unfinished.” The longer I wait, the harder it is to start again. My only creative pursuits these days involve photography (Flickr).

I definitely think I’m still falling.

[Edited to add] I very much appreciate your concern and support. I do feel lost and rootless and I suppose that’s some of what I’m really trying to convey. Even the intensive rehab program is on hold until I readjust my expectations of my wellness potential. Just a bit wonky is all. Retooling core definitions of success and of self is disorienting work.

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  • Sorry for the delay in posting a comment. You do realize, don’t you, that, technically, you can not fall off the Earth. So, now that you don’t have to worry about that you can put your full attention on your journey to wellness.

  • Sorry to take so long to get to this post. I hope you find your way. I think most of life is finding the way rather than tooling along the way. Give yourself a chance to regroup and re-examine.

    I really like your Chicago photos. You capture the vibrancy of the city well.

  • Just take care of you. No pressure! And your photography rocks! Oh wow. You are talented in so many different ways and in so many different areas.

  • My creative pursuits are languishing right now as well. Like you, photography is taking all my time–but there’s nothing wrong with that! I think summer generally causes me to slow down all my activities. Hope you can enjoy the slow periods as well as the busy ones.

  • Aw Karen, I hope you feel better soon. I’m with Leslie, the day will come when you rise again!

  • Take care of yourself. Recharge. Renew.

  • i have been thinking about you. wondering what you were up to.
    let yourself fall. and then pick yourself up. that day will come, i promise.

  • Take care of yourself. I love your Chicago pics – they make me want to take a Wendella boat ride out on the lake.

    That Trump Tower is unfortunate, smashed up against the Tribune Tower like that. 🙁

  • I totally understand your feelings, since I am going through a simular experience. Give yourself time and try to enjoy little things. Nice photo’s, gives me a peek view of the Chicago life.

  • Well if photography interests you at the moment, then youshould keep going with that. I’m a bit addicted to Pikmin at the moment. And chocolate – are you getting enough?

  • Sometimes…we all need to fall. If only to see how we end up stronger at the end of it all. As long as you remember that you have people willing to catch you (hi!) and to help you get your equilibrium back when you’re ready, you’ll be ok. Just enjoy the scenery, eh?

  • Be gentle with yourself, okay? When things are like this? It’s probably that you’re regrouping to start anew.
    Everything falls backward to begin the push forward again (according to Camus)
    It’s okay, hon. You’ll get your mojo back – and photography is cool – how about posting a shot or two you like?

  • Yikes! I hope you’re doing ok…