Walk, don't run!

Firmer!  Stronger!  Perter!  One of those fine purveyors of healthy footwear sent me an email advert the other day for some of those rocker-soled shoes.  You know, the ones that are supposed to tone up your butt and improve your posture?  Although I could use the help for the junk in my trunk, I’m still skeptical of these clunky looking shoe.  A good friend of mine has a pair of Skechers’ version.  She says that she could feel the difference after only wearing the shoes for a few days.  For her, the only downside (aside from the somewhat unflattering look) was that she could not run in these shoes.  They are apparently ONLY suitable for walking.  At upwards of $250 per pair for the high-end orthopedic ones, these shoes better do more than correct my gait.

Grey wool legwarmers

Les Cable de Faux Legwarmers

There is something that will work for you whether you walk, run or sit by the fire at the ski lodge: legwarmers!  Recall that I nearly finished the first legwarmer then had to rip it back and start over.

Details of my version of Les Cables de Faux legwarmers (Ravelry):

4 1/2  50g skeins  of Mission Falls 1824 merino wool
(2) 20″ size 5US / 3.75mm Addi circulars

The only real modifications were to the length (13″ instead of 20.5″) and to the number of repeats of the P2K3 ribbing at the end.  I wanted a beefier top so I upped the number of rows to 10.

Although I cast on 70 stitches to make the medium size, I knit very tightly so that the circumference ended up at 9″ instead of 11″.  Word to the wise: this is a very stretchy pattern so better to go smaller than you might think. My hands were killing me but I’m pretty sure the recipient will appreciate the lack of slouch.

All in all, these are easy peasy legwarmers.  Think “Flash Dance” if you must, but these are a super way to keep the gams toasty on a winter run.  By the way, there’s some bonus knitting underway with the remaining 1.5 skeins.  I’m only halfway through with the surprise so the deets will have to wait for now.

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