FO: Lu's matching mitts

Matching mitts for Lu

Matching mitts for Lu

What can you do with 100 yards of Aran-weight yarn?  Why, make a pair of fingerless mitts of course.  These should be the perfect complement to the legwarmers I recently completed for my friend Lu.

I based the mitts on the same alternating round stitch pattern of K2tog, YO, K1 and K1, YO, SL1, PSSO.  For the rest, as is my wont, I decided to wing it.  I took some cryptic notes along the way so that I might be able to reproduce mitt number 2 just as I’d made number 1.  Despite my “chicken scratch,” I was able to read enough to replicate in such a way that any difference is barely noticeable.

By the way, the pattern is still in beta but if anyone is interested in trying it out before I add it to the list on the right (and to Ravelry), let me know.  I’ll send you the PDF straight away for a quick test knit.

Other business

It’s National Crochet Month (or NatCroMo as some have dubbed it)!  Find out more about this March event at the Crochet Guild Of America or join the party on Ravelry at an even jointly hosted by the  Crochet Liberation Front and Crochet on Ravelry.  If you just want to follow the action on Twitter, look for tweets tagged #natcromo.

Lastly, let me end the “which yarn for Citron” conundrum.  I went with All Things Heather in the raspberry color.  Butter Peeps ran a close second but the intensely-hued deep pink just said “Spring” to me.  So who won the random number sweepstakes for some lovely yarn?  Congratulations to #8,  Jen from Knitting Like Crazy.  I’ll contact you via email to nail down the particulars.

6 comments to FO: Lu’s matching mitts

  • oh! i LOVE those mitts……

  • Hi. Thanks for this pattern. I have printed it out and I think i have just the yarn I’ll need in my stash. 🙂 They’ll be great.

  • The mitts are really pretty. I like that pattern. I have socks made of that stitch and they’re just about perfect.

    When I dislocated my ankle, I was put in a fiberglass cast. I needed leg warmers to put on over the cast to keep it from rubbing on my skin all night. I couldn’t find any in the stores until one day I found some on a clearance rack. I wasn’t a knitter then so making my own was out of the question. For some reason, I didn’t even think of crocheting them.

  • lu

    i do love to match! and these are absolutely perfect for cold hands on good photo-op days!

  • Congrats, Jen! I think Citron’s going to be gorgeous from the Raspberry.

  • The mitts you made are absolutely gorgeous – perfect for this kind of weather!