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Citron shawl complete

Pretty Raspberry Citron

Eleven days from start to finish.  Not a bad pace for me given that there were 440+ stitches at the end.  You’ll see from the finished product that I did not add a ruffle.  Why not?  Observe that little twist of yarn.  When you’ve only got a few yards to play with, you don’t take chances. I did add a little frilly edge but that’s it.  Still, I really liked how it turned out.

Final measurements (post blocking): 41” wide by 20” down the back.


The finished Citron started out as 480 yards of delicious, slightly variegated raspberry-colored yarn from All Things Heather.  All I needed was a size 6 US (4 mm) circular needle and the pattern printout.  By the way, who’s with me in applauding Knitty for the option to “print only the essentials.”

The were a couple of things I let get in my way.  First was my M1 method.  In the beginning, I was using knit front and back (kfb) but that was a mistake.  The ruching increases use kfb and I totally lost count when trying to do the same thing in the other increase rows.  Instead, use the one of the pick-up between stitches methods. It’ll save counting errors later on.

Another tip? Use removable stitch markers to designate the “knit x, M1” pairs that begin and end rows 9 and 19.  Doing so avoids the need to be so mindful of the counting and knitting. For instance, if the instruction is [K10, M1] 6 times, then count off 60 stitches from just past the garter edge and place a removable marker.

Until I got reached my “aha!” moment, I kept going back along the row whenever something took my mind off increases and, within that, counting stitches.  Recounting became a tedious time-wasting exercise in futility.  Use the removable markers.

How about something really cute to hold said stitch markers?  Jen of Knitting Like Crazy wrote about these vintage inspired tins from Natalie’s Nest and I had to have a couple.  Or three.  These owls come in several colors and can be purchased in sets.

Hooty Owl Tin

Hooty Owl

Vintage Tins

Vampire and White Rabbit

Too adorable. Resistance is futile.

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