We are everywhere!

Crochet squares

Baby blanket squares

The everyday stuff

I took my car in today for an oil change and tire rotation.  I was surprised to see the place so empty.  Then again, it was the middle of the week around the time that most 9-to-5’ers would have been at their posts.

Since I was the only one in the waiting room, Jimmy (the manager) tried to hand me the television remote, telling me I could watch whatever I wanted.  When Oprah’s opening credits rolled across the screen, I told him I wasn’t much of a fan of the typical daytime TV fare.  Besides, since I wasn’t sure how long it would take, I’d brought along some crochet for a  baby blanket in progress.  He looked surprised and said, “Wow.  You’re the third person this week to bring your knitting – or whatever it is you do with sticks – in here.”

I quickly replied, “This is crochet. And we’re everywhere.”

Jimmy is a slender, freckle-faced redhead who must be all of 25.  He tilted his chin up a bit, pointed a work-stained finger in my direction and laughed.  “Well at least help yourself to the coffee,” he said.  “It’s fresh.”

La Cabeza Love Yarn

"La Cabeza Love" Yarn

The gift of kindness

A while back, I did a random comment yarn giveaway.  Anyone who knows me understands how happy-making it is for me to give the gift of yarn.  There is never any expectation of reciprocity.

Imagine my surprise when I returned from the auto shop to discover that what I’d given had come back to me.   Behold my gorgeous new yarn, courtesy of Jen at Knitting Like Crazy.  She even named the colorway after my nom de plume, “La Cabeza Love,” my first ever eponymous yarn.  I tried really hard to capture the soft steel-gray blue shade, but the daylight is pretty meager at the moment.

It’s always a pleasure to open the mailbox and find something like this.  Makes the bills that were tucked underneath seem not quite so important for the moment.

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