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Mia Shrug - free pattern (PDF) Bobble Blue - free pattern (PDF)

Grumperina's Mia Shrug

You can see more of Grumperina's beautiful work at

Knit Mongrel's Bobble Blue, in gray

Alyssa says, "It’s a quick knit...and it’s an interesting pattern that’s easily memorized."

Keep up to date with Alyssa's knitting, writing and music through her blog, The Knit Mongrel.


Michelle's Mia Shrug

Michelle says, "I think it's a fantastic pattern
and I really enjoyed making it. I look forward to your future patterns!"

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Anna's Mia Shrug

Of Mia, Anna says, "I tumbled over it on Grumperina's blog and fell in love."

Anna's blog (in Norwegian) is at