Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Herd Instinct

I don't know what possessed me. I must've gotten caught up in the enthusiastic swells surrounding the desire to knit a sweater along with other Ravelry Loopy Groupies. The easy part of the deal was the choice of yarn: Dream In Color. I selected "Nightwatch" in the worsted weight, Classy. For some reason, the yarn photographed several shades lighter than it actually is. My camera is being futzy on auto, I suppose.

Ah, but which sweater to knit? Originally, there was to be a list and then a vote selecting the sweaters to choose from. But that was too much pressure, considering that group members taste and needs vary as widely as the Grand Canyon. Besides, there are literally hundreds of patterns in the Ravelry library alone, making the winnowing process nearly impossible.

So far, it looks like I'm the only one knitting Laura Chau's Lucy In The Sky cardigan. It's basically knit in one piece, with a simple diamond patterned body that won't fight with the light variegation that Dream In Color is known for. The sweater fits close to the body and is sized up to a 50" bust. I looked through the various versions of the cardigan on Ravelry and it seems to work on a variety of body types - including those on the fluffier side like me.

In the end, the sensible ties that bind us in this KAL are the yarn and the June completion date. What do we get for our trouble? At the very least, a new sweater and, quite possibly, a whole bunch of Loopy Ewe loot should we win the randomly selected grand prize. Keep those hooves crossed for me. Baa.

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